Thursday, April 23, 2015

2015 Spain GP guide, Formula 1

BARCELONA - Gran Premio de España, Circuit de Catalunya, Montmeló, Barcelona.
Spanish Formula One Grand Prix preview, 8-10 May 2015. 
You can join the Facebook event here, also if you're not going there, 
just to remind you the hours of the GP on tv. 

British time: (Italy +1) 

free practice 1: 9:00-10:30 
fp2: 13:00-14:30 

fp3: 10:00-11:00 
qualifying: 13:00-14:00 

race: 13:00


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bahrain GP, F1 looks good but isn't

SAKHIR - "Bernie, my illuminati flexible friend" (=credit card).
He really loves Hamilton eh... close friends... always embracing...
Ecclestone used the right verb about "making the sport look good": LOOK good, not really BE good................. (typical illuminati acting). They even had to add SPARKS to make it look good...
These things make the sport look good like Mercedes cars as FIA safety cars...
The media make absurd stories to make Hamilton play the victim, so all the people go : oh poor thing, they always attack him...
Ron Dennis and the Arabic shareholder of McLaren don't talk each other anymore.

highlights video

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

sindaco di Monza a Striscia La Notizia

MONZA - Quest'uomo è un illuminato... Dopo i famosi incidenti mortali, hanno fatto vedere che non funzionano neanche i semafori, pericolosissimi. Quando gliel'ha detto Staffelli, il sindaco Roberto Scanagatti gli ha fatto un applauso dicendogli che è in difficoltà (tipica strategia illuminata di accusare gli altri dei propri casini) e ha anche detto che non c'è soluzione all'imbecillità umana... ah ecco, colpa dell'uomo... Quindi secondo questo ragionamento, eliminiamo ad esempio la polizia.
Questa gente può solo avere un sacco di fan tra la massa di delinquenti in Italia...
E' sindaco dal 2012, siamo andati al Gran Premio di Monza coi mezzi per evitare il traffico, ma abbiamo passato ore coi mezzi nel traffico.
Ha anche detto che gli autovelox sono inutili, quando invece è stato ampiamente dimostrato il contrario.
Ah è del PD Partito Democratico, strano eh... (dev'essere quindi stato eletto senza elezioni... oppure accecando la gente come fanno gli illuminati...). Più che bene comune..bene comunista, ha pure la cravatta rossa...
Uguale a Pisapia-Pisapirla di Milano che ha detto che anche l'Expo del 1900 a Parigi ha avuto ritardi - colpa dell'uomo - quindi cosa si danno da fare per cosa... come buttare un secolo di progresso in una frase... quindi secondo quel ragionamento, quando c'è un attentato potremo dire che tanto anche le Torri Gemelle sono crollate...
Quelli dell'ufficio sinistri direbbero : non accusiamo chi è NUOVO................ è "colpa del governo precedente"........... Gli illuminati tecnologici che non fanno funzionare neanche i semafori.... -> il loro tipico obiettivo è : la riduzione della popolazione.

Monday, April 13, 2015

2015 Bahrain GP guide, Formula 1

SAKHIR - Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir, جائزة البحرين الكبرى (Bahrain Grand Prix). 
Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix preview, 17-19 April 2015. 
You can join the Facebook event here, also if you're not going there, 
just to remind you the hours of the GP on tv. 

British time: (Italy +1) 

free practice 1: 12:00-13:30 (1:30pm)
fp2: 16:00-17:30 

fp3: 13:00-14:00 
qualifying: 16:00-17:10 

race: 16:00 (local : 18:00)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

China GP, fanboy Ecclestone delighted

SHANGHAI - Bernie and media darling Hamilton had a lot to talk about together all the weekend... clown with clown get on very well together... just like @ Monza 2014 when he whispered in his ear before the start, then he started bad, then Mercedes made him win...
After qualifying, Hamilton looked at all the other cars, he feels to be the judge...
"Sebastian, according to Ecclestone, you weren't a very good World Champion, you didn't represent the sport very well, at least, not as good as Hamilton [SERIOUSLY? ILLUMINATI BITCH BERNIE IS ON MARILYN MONROE'S SIDE?]. How hurtful are those comments and what's your opinion of them?"
"Well, I think he's free to say what he wants so it's fine. For me, I'm very happy with what I have achieved so far and looking forward to what might be coming and that's it."
Button: "Maybe it's because you're not on Twitter".
ahahahahahaha yeah Marilyn represented well the sport revealing the telemetry on Twitter, protesting for nothing against Jenson on Twitter, winning 2 (not 4) titles overtaking Glock and being 5th and struggling with Massa driving an inferior car (+Mercedes clearly helping him and - oh - the only other strong one, Red Bull, disqualified at the right moment).
The real question is : how hurtful was Vettel's win in Malaysia for Bernie?
Marilyn's illuminati boss friend Bernie must be delighted for this Chinese race...
the sport looked better... so boring that we even changed channel...

Alonso (and not Hamilton "the new Senna"), thinks like Senna.
"I didn't want to be 2nd again at Ferrari", 2nd place is wrong.
Hamilton : "2nd place is never disappointing".
For a winner it's very disappointing. Better to have a new challenge and build something from the legend @ McLaren.

“There’s no reason a woman can’t race against guys. I can’t run a marathon the same speed as Paula Radcliffe so I’m sure a woman with the right skill set could be as competitive as any guy in F1.”
no... there is a reason : parking.

the Chinese circuit is the only one without a proper site and page... communists banned them... very dangerous : naked cars.

"highlights" (anything interesting?) video

Mazzoni incazzato, "finalmente (la regia) si accorge che..." è una frase che a Mazzoni proprio non è concesso dire... Si affretta a precisare che la Rai non c'entra niente, invece loro perfetti...
GRAZIE A CAPELLI CHE HA DETTO LA McLAREN ADDIRITTURA IN Q3, GUFACCIO DELLA MALORA!!!!! Prende per il culo con Mazzoni, come i tipici "giornalai" italiani tifosi della Ferrari.
Si sono poi portati rogna da soli, con "Ferrari vicinissima" e "2a fila tutta Ferrari"... a 1 secondo (e anche 1 e mezzo)

Monday, March 30, 2015

2015 China Grand Prix guide, Formula 1

SHANGHAI - Shanghai International Circuit, 中国大奖赛 
Chinese Formula One GP preview, 10-12 April 2015. 
You can join the Facebook event here, also if you're not going there, 
just to remind you the hours of the GP on tv. 

British time: (Italy +1) 

free practice 1: 3:00-4:30 
fp2: 7:00-8:30 

fp3: 5:00-5:00 
qualifying: 8:00-8:00 

race: 7:00

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Malaysia GP: Hamilton best in history=since November 2014...

SEPANG - Vettel won the race, Hamilton is funny like a post in your ass.
he's nervous 'cause he's losing aha driving a superior car... ok, so we agree with his fankids, he's definitely the best driver ever in history... (= since Nomveber 2014, when he could hardly stay ahead of MASSA driving an inferior car...). They say so because they know he isn't... they are learning his illuminati media strategies...
Ferrari overtaking Hamilton and he pits! loser!! scaredy cat!! noelgallagher!!

"2nd place can never be disappointing"
(Hamilton the new Senna, the real Senna would have NEVER said that, but the opposite... 2nd is the first of the losers, 2nd place is the MOST disappointing)

Now the jealous fans are reminding the Italian tifosi were booing Vettel before... typical short memory. They booed him in several other circuits and much more than in Italy, I remember in Monza it was just a very few seconds and not many people, because in Monza it's always a "party" anyway, whoever wins. Besides, Ferrari has fans everywhere and doesn't mean those booing were Italians, especially in other circuits.

highlights video

Monday, March 16, 2015

2015 Malaysian Grand Prix guide, Formula 1

SEPANG - Sepang International Circuit (SIC) circuit, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur. 
(Malesia) Malaysia Formula One Grand Prix preview, 27-29 March 2015. You can join the Facebook event here, also if you're not going there, just to remind you the hours of the GP on tv. 
Unfortunately, it's the circuit where Marco Simoncelli died. Ironic that his nickname was "Sic", just like the name of this circuit.

British time: (Italy +1) 

free practice 1: 2:00-3:30 
fp2: 6:00-7:30 

fp3: 5:00-6:00 
qualifying: 8:00-9:00 

race: 8:00

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Australia GP, same old shit

MELBOURNE - Even worse shit. Marilyn Monroe Hamilton ENTHUSIASTIC for Schwarzenegger on the podium... (in fact, the illuminati are based in Hollywood) appropriate for a fake sport fucking acting... what a tremendous driver effort... the media sare saying: amazing effort... oh really...
lying scaredy cat Noel Gallagher would say : keep it DANGEROUS ahahaha
some people are booing, well done (booing also Vettel speaking Italian without being asked to do it)
The media darling Lewis "weak pussy" Hamilton said he refused number 1 and kept 44 'cause 44 is only him... right, you're no number 1, just yourself an asshole. The FAKE humble man...

Any other good driver and even Massa driving a Mercedes would easily stay ahead of Hamilton... in fact also last year he could hardly stay in front of Massa driving an inferior car.
I don't think Hamilton is faster than average Rosberg, I think even Massa with the same car would be faster. But the results and Mercedes MADE us know that Hamilton is faster than Rosberg. So?
For how many years should we see the same thing? is this "entertaining"?
what does this add to the sport, to our lives, to the world, to the media?
Hamilton is faster than Rosberg, wow... I mean saying things like "Hamilton is the best" is just nonsense.
The black man drives faster than the blonde with blue eyes. Even if it was true... OK, UNDERSTOOD UNDERSTOOD. Now STOP. Do you have to sell more Mercedes cars? Because the world is rich?

They say Formula 1 is a great show, just like Expo says it's not commercial, it's like an ugly woman who says to be like Adriana Lima but she's the opposite.
It's a typical illuminati strategy, when you know you have a flaw, you have to talk about it, no matter if bad or well, just to be on the media.

"highlights" (not really) video 
(the highlights of this GP on Sky were of 30 seconds... says a lot...)

The new Formula 1 website sucks... how appropriate.
And no more photos, no more posters, awful graphics.
All the useful archives : gone.


Capelli gliel'ha gufata : "La Ferrari può raggiungere la 3a posizione in qualifica con un giro perfetto, ma la Williams è pericolosa, non tanto con Massa, ma Bottas". Perfetto.
A Bottas è stata fatale e ha passato la notte in ospedale (fa rima), ha pure saltato la gara.
Effetto immediato delle gufate Rai in partenza : Lotus rivitalizzata e ottimo spunto della Ferrari. Lotus entrambe subito ritirate e Raikkonen perde subito posizioni. Peggio della McLaren, andate a Lourdes.
Mazzoni ci ha definito LOTTA FRA POVERI... lui è ricco, grazie a noi... (vacanze in giro per il mondo).
Quello che ci preoccupa è che ci ha gufato : "i risultati per la McLaren Honda sicuramente arriveranno"...
Hanno persino la faccia di merda di correggere la regia che "si perde cose"... cazzo da che pulpito!

Non perdetevi la pubblicità "ad effetto" della Rai, con voce suadente, sensuale tipo FILM... :
"tutti i circuiti...un solo campionato...Gran Premio d'Australia" (cazzo vuol dire??). Proprio loro dicono tutti i circuiti... è una tecnica illuminata : quando sai di avere un difetto devi parlarne facendo in modo che sembri il contrario, magari accusando altri se riesci, ma comunque in modo che se ne parli, bene o male non importa... vogliono tipicamente IPNOTIZZARE il telespettatore.
Notare anche che la Rai durante la F1 fa la pubblicità di Sky x abbonarsi e dice "solo su Sky"... (i soldi alla Rai non fanno mai schifo).
il GP del Messico non viene trasmesso in diretta dalla Rai ed essendo in serata, la differita sarebbe troppo tardi, quindi lo trasmetteranno il giorno dopo (ovvero la settimana dopo). Fate pure con calma, anche il mese dopo.
Gli orari del weekend sono quelli in cui ci sarebbero le cose della F1 ma x i GP europei... tanto x fregare qualche ignorante... bisogna proprio avere una faccia di merda... dopo che hanno ripetuto allo sfinimento che li fanno vedere tutti e in maniera integrale... (Stella Bruno nuda?) ...che siano eventualmente in differita è solo un dettaglio.
ma chi ve se incula... al massimo li guardano (per sbaglio) quelli che non gliene frega della F1, oppure noi quattro gatti che li prendiamo x il culo

Si accettano scommesse su quante volte Mazzoni ripeterà la storiella che Verstappen ha bisogno di un autista x arrivare al circuito (come se fosse l'unico), perchè è una storiella che si sente che sotto sotto lo diverte tantissimo... (siamo già a 2 volte). Ha già ripetuto anche il suo classico della tradizione rallystica dei piloti finlandesi...
Nel servizio (quindi con "eventuale" possibilità di riascoltarlo prima di mandarlo in onda) ha detto che Alonso ha pubblicato una foto del suo successo in Malesia su McLaren nel 2009... tanto x iniziare l'anno con precisione... (la F1 è lo sport della precisione) ...ha il cervello ritardato di 2 anni. Lo sanno tutti che ha fatto 1 solo anno nel 2007

Sunday, March 08, 2015

2015 Australian Grand Prix guide, Formula 1

MELBOURNE - Albert Park F1 circuit, Melbourne. Australia Formula One GP preview, 13-15 March 2015. You can join the Facebook event here, also if you're not going there, just to remind you the hours of the race on tv. 

British time: (Italy +1) 

free practice 1: 1:30-3:00 
fp2: 5:30-7:00 

fp3: 3:00-4:00 
qualifying: 6:00-7:00 

race 5:00 (local : 16:00)

and here is also the 2010 Australian GP (his first race with McLaren), won by Button (as in 2009 and 2012)

Friday, March 06, 2015

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Jerez tests times

Let's say we like to overtake them all aha like in videogames. 
Next testing : from 19 February in Barcelona

Thursday, January 29, 2015

new McLaren-Honda MP4-30

presentation, 2015 car reveal.
more soon

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Petra mix

Happy 2015, I wish you loads of sexy lingerie, lol. Vergne girlfriend, deejay from Sweden.

...meanwhile @ Hawaii, Jenson Button & Jessica Michibata just got married secretly against the media, well done.

Oh and Hamilton was the only one not wishing Merry Christmas... definitely illuminati shit against religion... then he thanks God for the Formula 1...ridiculous.

for Hamilton's birthday, the media got offended because Rosberg on Twitter clearly JOKED saying that maybe now he can win because Hamilton is old... says a lot... do not touch the media darling...
they sound like the Islamic terrorists... no sense of humour

Monday, December 15, 2014

Hamilton wins Media darling of the Year 2014

What an appropriate "cup".
How can fake champion Hamilton be the (BBC) Personality of the year if he's got no personality and sold it to the illuminati... oh how lucky the ignorant ones.
Or maybe they've never seen one with a real personality... it must be a matter of point of views eh...
Barton, by the way. Do you know where did the "Britishman" Hamilton live? in the illuminati Switzerland of the banks... (UBS, sponsor of Formula 1 AND Mercedes...), now tax haven Monaco.
He was the only one allowed to hit other cars, once there was a normal race contact on him (where it was Rosberg the one who could have to lose), it wasn't acceptable.
That was used as an excuse for Mercedes to make Hamilton win (because getting double money of Rosberg). One who is not the favourite of the media wouldn't be allowed to win in the sport of the sponsors...
When they join the illuminati to become successful and get even more money (but remember : according to his fanboys, Hamilton is poor "because he's black" and "was born poor" - with champagne), they also win absurd prizes (typical media darling) also as the "best dressed"... illuminati Noel Gallagher too. And usually these awards are not given with the people voting... says a lot... (just like Noel's "godlike genius" If it was the people (not his mind-controlled, blinded fans) voting, they would more likely laugh in his face.
Another thing in common, they wear Christian crosses, to show religion like a fashion (Noel always said he doesn't believe in God, so why are you always wearing it), or Hamilton thanking God for Formula 1 that is all about money... fake Christians.

podium of the biggest bullshit from Hamilton's fankids :
1) he's the best "because he's black", he's the "new Senna" (no, Senna didn't win a championship by finishing 5th overtaking Glock, and Massa winning... and the other championship with the team making him win...)
2) he was poor (yes correct, with champagne at the Grosvenor House hotel, there are people who are he was poor) and his father had a second job (no, it was his white mother...). There are also people who have NO job eh... just 2 or 3 eh...
3) he's the fastest on a single lap (no, it's been Rosberg and even Massa with an inferior car can compete with Hamilton)

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Button-Alonso @ McLaren-Honda 2015

WOKING - guess who are the only unhappy ones : Magnussen fankids of 13 years old, who don't know anything about Formula 1. Kevin, called the Madman, is set to open a polka dots clothes store. 
aha Ron Dennis lays large portion of blame for 2007 failure at Lewis Hamilton...highlighting his immaturity.

new compilation, with some of his favourites

Sunday, December 07, 2014

AutoSport Awards 2014

LONDON - Biggest cheer of the night reserved for Jenson. Best shout out of the night, Jenson "do any of you think I should be racing in F1 next year?"
Biggest BOOO of the night : Boooooullier.
QED quod erat demonstrandum : a RAPPER (wtf?) told Hamilton he's "inspirational"... how could they not laugh in his face...inspiration for being the biggest cheat of the year.
most pathetic story of the night, Hamilton remembering being there aged 10 (the famous "born poor" of his fanboys... with champagne).
Who wasn't at the Grosvenor House Hotel aged 10??? if you weren't, you must be a tramp.

Notice the sponsors : Mercedes, UBS (sponsor of the whole Formula 1 and Mercedes too............)

What sort of world champion is one driving a super fast car and can hardly stay ahead of MASSA driving an inferior car and Ricciardo was behind him, 3rd starting from the pitlane... and 2nd in the championship Red Bull -OH- disqualified just before the race and his team mate Rosberg with -OH- technical problems...
Hamilton soooooooo overrated...
because he's got 3 million fans and you MUST say he's the best.
That clearly means that if they drove the same car, it would've been 1) Ricciardo 2) Massa 3) Hamilton.

more soon

Mercedes illuminati criminals robbing Red Bull

MILTON KEYNES - 60 trophies stolen, as they're not protected by the illuminati anymore...
On Saturday (devil's SABBATH) December 6, "a SILVER 4x4 [typical illuminati number, as Hamilton's 44, the devil's horns] was used to drive through the entrance and a further dark coloured, black or dark blue MERCEDES estate car. Both are believed to have FOREIGN number plates. 6 people were involved” (according to the police)
Mind-controlled media and audience typically blinded by the illuminati : all the people are joking that it was Vettel's or Ferrari's fault, whitout even reading the article about the theft. I doubt they would use Mercedes cars...

more soon

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Formula 1 2014 best & worst

F1 2014 season "highlights" video, very few to remember... many Grand Prix were extremely boring. 
meaningful song by Britalian Paolo Nutini.

songs chosen by Sky F1 UK (part 2)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hamilton fake champion

ABU DHABI - what sort of world champion is one driving a super fast car and can hardly stay ahead of MASSA driving an inferior car and Ricciardo was behind him, 3rd starting from the pitlane. And his team mate with technical problems... Hamilton soooooooo overrated...
because he's got 3 million fans and you MUST say he's the best.
That clearly means that if they drove the same car, it would've been 1) Ricciardo 2) Massa 3) Hamilton.

technical problems for Rosberg... OH , REALLY ? WHAT A FUCKING JOKE...
recently, after Bianchi's crash, it was safety car for every little thing... obviously no safety car... this time.
(Maldonado's car on should set on fire the TRACK)
Once again, fake Formula 1 at the Abu Dhabi "double points" (double money for Hamilton) Grand Prix.

Hamilton is now 2nd, Ricciardo is 3rd starting from the pitlane....... can you imagine starting 3rd..... obviously Red Bull suddenly eliminated by (ma)FIA before the race... could disturb Hamilton...
Rosberg's car full of problems, Hamilton's car : perfect, magically.

Hamilton : "world champion, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT !!!!!!!"
mwahahahahahaha what a comedian... fucking acting. Part of the crowd was whistling him

what a ridiculous media arse licker Hamilton is... (the media darling)
he even said Rosberg congratuled him without the team telling him to do it, as if it was in doubt...

Magnussen who?????????? where is he? gone home playing with the Playstation.
McLaren are gonna lose a lot of fans by dropping Button. Who the fuck cares in this shite of fucking fake F1 losing fans.

aha I knew it - Hamilton thanks GOD.............
what the fuck... one sold to the illuminati with so much money, can only be a cheeky bastard. Do you think it was GOD helping you, does he really fucking care, or was it the money, the sponsors, the media, the car, making you win.
A non-blinded tv "of the other side" called it "bizarre"...
sign of the cross of Diva Hamilton's diva girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger on tv... tsk tsk...
starving children in Africa must be happy... THANK GOD

After a whole year of insults (just because you told him FACTS about their idol they idolise... inspiration for hip-hop tunes?), now the Hamilton fankids are suddenly correct and sporting, all like : oh Rosberg you're great, don't worry, you'll win the next time, it was great to beat such a great champion... (did they win anything? and, Rosberg a great champion? average)
This is the effect of clearly unfair technical problems...
The media : Rosberg is happy, 'cause he's done all he could...
resigned, more like.
They "changed" just like changed opinion about the double points eh............ you'll win the next time if he gets the same money of Hamilton...

more soon

"highlights" (really?) video

i fan di Hamilton hanno vinto in premio 80 euro dal PD x comprargli il voto come la puttana da strada della madre di Hamilton

Abu Dhabi tests line-up :
McLaren: Tuesday & Wednesday: Stoffel Vandoorne.
Ferrari: Raffaele Marciello & Kimi Raikkonen – days TBC.
Mercedes: Tuesday: Nico Rosberg; Wednesday: Pascal Wehrlein. Diva Hamilton : manicure.......
Red Bull: Tuesday: Carlos Sainz; Wednesday: Daniel Ricciardo.
Lotus: Esteban Ocon and TBC.
Force India: Tuesday: Jolyon Palmer; Wednesday: Spike Goddard.
Sauber: Tuesday and Wednesday: Marcus Ericsson.
Toro Rosso: Tuesday & Wednesday: Max Verstappen.
Williams: Tuesday: Valtteri Bottas; Wednesday: Felipe Nasr.
Caterham: Tuesday & Wednesday: Will Stevens.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

FIA eliminates Red Bulls disturbing Hamilton

ABU DHABI - Red Bull 2nd in the championship, who could disturb Hamilton already palnned to win the championship, they are excluded from qualifying and will start the Abu Dhabi final Grand Prix from the pitlane.
Red Bull could be irregular for years and years and they wait for the last (double points) GP of 2014 (not free practice eh) to punish them, when FIA needed..........

the money-driven illuminati blinded & blinding media typically mind-controlling : "we all know Hamilton is a risk taker".
we all who? his blinded fankids? risk taker one driving only fast cars?

Magnussen even out of Q3, well done good welcome 2015 driver instead of Button... McLaren even didn't put fuel to disturb him...
Coincidentally with rumours about being sacked, Jenson has problems in the final races... sorry, he's stronger. They're trying to put a spoke in his wheel... Previously, he almost never had problems in YEARS...
Magnussen is mad, at a certain point in the race when all is lost he causes collisions even with the team mate, when it's useless, this time even messing in free practice.

QED quod erat demonstradum : during the race Massa was 1st (quality F1!), Hamilton 2nd, Ricciardo 3rd (even without safety cars...) starting from the PITLANE ! too dangerous for Hamilton, let's disqualify him just before the race...

more soon

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hamilton the new Senna dominates Brazil GP

INTERLAGOS - So the "new Senna", the "fastest on the single lap", using Senna in his interviews, dominated the Brazilian Grand Prix (helped by Senna from above)... wait, no.
Not fastest in free practice 1, 2 and 3, no pole position, no victory, beaten by "average Rosberg", and 2 naive mistakes...(as always) ...definitely new Senna without a doubt... same humaneness as well... a snobbish humaneness appropriate for nowadays.
Senna is probably turning in his grave everytime they compare him to Hamilton.
But for the first time, Hamilton didn't blame anyone.
Don't worry 30 year old kid, you don't even have a nail of Senna. You had your nappies changed and can learn about him only on the Wikipedia.
"The new Senna" Hamilton driving only fast cars : only 1 championship finishing 5th overtaking "ace" Glock, with "ace" Massa winning.
Even "paracarro" Button was in front of Hamilton in some championship, even when using the same car.

"Always try to be the best, but never think to be the best"
(legend Fangio)
understood diva Hamilton?

The Hamilton fankids, those continuously feeling the need to say "he's the best" ('cause he's not), are shitting their pants (and already swearing against the "double points" rule they LOVED before) just because Rosberg was first in free practice. This shows how insecure they are, without a personality of their own. They even think to be Hamilton.
It won't happen (because of double money Hamilton gets) but if Rosberg wins the championship at Abu Dhabi we would laugh until 2016.
The media darling Hamilton is lucky now 'cause I remember before the 2014 season Ecclestone wanted to put double points also for Brazil and maybe USA GPs.
The expected is difficult to happen... the unexpected is probable...
there could be godlike unexpected events and Rosberg winning the championship despite Mercedes making Hamilton win some GPs to balance the technical problems (that also Rosberg had) and more than once laughing at the box...
and all the typical illuminati plans being fucked (see some previous posts)

highlights (should a team as Mercedes be allowed to have Swiss "3 illuminati keys" UBS banks same sponsor of the whole F1?)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Abu Dhabi 2014 Grand Prix

ABU DHABI - Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi, UAE United Arab Emirates Formula 1 GP. 
أبوظبي سباق الجائزة الكبرى (Abu Dhabi Grand Prix), 21-23 November 2014. 
You can join the Facebook event here, also if you're not going there, 
just to remind you the hours of the GP on tv. 

British time: (Italy +1) 

free practice 1: 9:00-10:30
fp2: 13:00-14:30 

fp3: 10:00-11:00 
qualifying: 13:00-14:10

race: 13:00

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Button could be eliminated by the illuminati

Alonso is great but we don't want Magnussen for McLaren-Honda 2015, he's a mad idiot (also wearing polka dots trousers), and already showed that on track with nonsense moves.
Jenson is way faster, much more experienced and much more loved among the fans.

”Some drivers are afraid of crashing because they do not want to eat hospital food. I tasted it and it’s not bad.”
(madman Magnussen... his illuminati gestures and signs are explained now, they must've secured him next year's seat, instead of Jenson's)
Good so now go and crash, you asshole... Also, what a bad timing... GO AND TELL IT TO BIANCHI............. MAGNUSASSHOLE.
Of course that bullshit is being very popular around..... totally blinded, mind-controlled audience..... typical illuminati effect.

sack Boullier!

McLaren-Honda mix

driving music compilation

Monday, November 03, 2014

Brazil GP 2014 Interlagos

INTERLAGOS - Grande Prêmio do Brasil, José Carlos Pace F1 circuit, Interlagos, São Paulo. 
Brazilian Formula 1 Grand Prix, 7-9 November 2014. 
You can join the Facebook event here, also if you're not going there, 
just to remind you the hours of the GP on tv. 

British time: (Italy +1) 

free practice 1: 12:00-13:30 
fp2: 16:00-17:30 (4pm-5:30pm)

fp3: 13:00-14:00 
qualifying: 16:00-17:10

race: 16:00

Sunday, November 02, 2014

USA GP, fake Formula 1

AUSTIN - American F1 Grand Prix, Austin, Texas, United States.
snobbish diva Hamilton the media darling suffers from inferiority complexes, as he said the people see the difference between him and Rosberg, as a whole, as persons. Of course we can see you're a fucking cunt. It seems like he needs to remind them... always trying to dimish the rival.

More about the illuminati in Formula 1.
We seriously think it's all done on purpose. 1) to show that Hamilton is superior to all the problems, created intentionally 2) his mistakes are not real. We know that the illuminati want to show their power (especially to the people who know...), even showing that a driver is not so great, not perfect, but they make him win, it's thanks to them.
They're ACTING. It's like the Truman Show.

Rosberg's girlfriend Vivian hugging Lauda looked like : ok we let you have this pole position, doesn't change anything.

real champion Button : no three cars per team (despite it would help him to stay)
fake champion Hamilton : ok 3 cars, 1 for a young driver (so Hamilton can win easily)
"win easily" for Hamilton is nothing new....... only fast cars for the diva.

McLaren with new illuminated yellow-coloured sponsor rules.
1st and 2nd and SECONDS in front of the others for a lot of time during free practice.
The illuminati allowed it for some time. It's just another demonstration of their power.

also Ricciardo was carrying illuminati signs (horns on the helmet and devilish beard), in fact he was 1st for a long time during free practice and finished the race 3rd.

Sutil with that "66" (99) thing on his helmet, goes to Q3 for the first time... sponsor : "CLARO III"... (looking like rays of the sun... or an eye...)
also check out Randstad sponsor horns... (Williams this year suddenly strong)

they're instructed like scientific robots.
The illuminati adore the God Horus, god of the sun and war (H -> shape Petronas towers, with triangle underneath, hell, devil's horns, 44, gestures they make on purpose).
Horus is a bird (looking like a F1) with 2 EYES, the Sun and the Moon

Can't you see it's all fake, not real... in good and in bad.
Just like Mercedes making Hamilton win some GP to compensate the technical problems (that also Rosberg had) and laughing at the box, more than once time.
Don't be naive and mind-controlled, that's what they want...
also, Vettel wins GPs for years and years like a robot and all of a sudden sucks, continuous problems, despite driving the same car, with years of experience. Now not even participating in the qualifying.

"highlights" (not really) : "the 4 Horsemen"... from the album "666"...
"...the leading H horse is WHITE"... (Hamilton's new white H helmet)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

illuminati to make Hamilton win

If you don't believe these things you must be very naive... it's all about this in the entertainment world (music, sport, cinema), especially in the "Sport" of Money...
They're shitting their pants that Rosberg could win the last race at Abu Dhabi with double points and now they're making Hamilton win many GPs, and always laughing at Mercedes box... (Toto Wolff and company). Hamilton will obviously win the world championship, he gets the double of Rosberg's money...

The illuminati put symbols and numbers as if they were brands, sponsors, but it's all precisely, typically illuminati calculated.
44 (even red) are the devil's horns, as the gesture they make (4 is THE illuminati number).
On the two Mercedes cars there are in total 6 Mercedes logos... and the number 6 is written 3 times... 666 (Satan's number).
One is Rosberg car and two 6 are the Petronas logo... (see below)

"Ill"uminati, looks like a triple I, not to mention the IIIONSTER (Monster) sponsor. Oh and obviously Mercedes triple symbol.
On the car there's obviously also a typical illuminati Swiss sponsor, just like Swiss UBS banks with their strange triple keys symbol (name sponsor of the whole F1), where Bin Laden had his money.
Swiss like that huge illuminati bitch called Blatter, the most mafioso of all.

Mercedes' Petronas logo is made of a typical illuminati triangle and one thing looking like an eye (the typical illuminati eye is only one) that is also an uncomplete triangle... (they look like owl eyes, that is a typical illuminati thing).
In Kuala Lumpur, the (typical illuminati dualistic) Petronas towers form a "H" letter (Hell-Heaven, also the DEVIL's horns) and there's something looking like an uncomplete triangle underneath. Also click here
Just like the Red Bull logo was (is) a double bull (with DEVIL's horns) with a light behind... and illuminati Infiniti logo looked like an eye with an uncomplete triangle...

There would be even much more to add...

Nowadays the people who have a work and moan, the people who have a well paid work and moan, the people who are well paid to travel around the world for F1 and moan (yes you Hamilton), are the SHITTIEST people in the world.
Packing for the Usa GP is A DRAMA... swap your whining, fag, diva life with someone else's and see what is a drama, you fucking assholes

the 4 Horsemen...

famously satanist Led Zeppelin
Houses of the Holy... H again... "...from the door comes Satan's daughter... Let the music be your master, will you heed the master's call? Oh-whoa-oh, Satan an' man... "

Sunday, October 12, 2014

USA Grand Prix 2014 Austin, Texas

AUSTIN - F1 Circuit of the Americas, Austin, Texas, United States. 
American Formula 1 GP, 31 October-2 November 2014. 
You can join the Facebook event here, also if you're not going there, 
just to remind you the hours of the GP on tv. 

British time: (Italy +1) 

free practice 1: 15:00-16:30 (3pm-4:30pm)
fp2: 90:00-20:30 

fp3: 15:00-16:00 
qualifying: 18:00-19:10

race: 20:00

Russia Grand Prix, Formula 1 & Mercedes clowns

SOCHI - They always laugh at Mercedes box eh... (Toto Wolff again).
problems for Rosberg (OH , REALLY ?) over and over again and again and again... wasn't it "only Hamilton" according to his idiotic hip-hop fankids
YO YO YO YO YO YO..................
Also, it's absurd to give back the position in cases like this.
Why are we still watching this pre-arranged shit... we fans are FUCKING TIRED.
what an EXCITING GP...........shivers down our spine... BUFFOONS!!!!!!! BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!! CLOWNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch out cos the next one is the USA GP... Americans want grungy fooking people, stabbing themselves in the head on stage. They get a bright bunch like us, with deodorant on, and they don't get it

The media darling Hamilton combacks were "thanks to the great talent of Hamilton". Rosberg's are "thanks to the car"... His talent in comebacks assumes everybody let the diva pass or you'll have your car ruined...
Also notice how there were a few pitstops, no crashes, and great tyres this time eh after the Suzuka misdeeds with Bianchi.

Japan mess pitstops : 80 (about 4 per car)
Sochi pitstops : 23 (about 1 per car)
...and it's not really because of the rain, on the contrary when it rains and there's a safety car you can even have only one pitstop. It's about the tyres compound............. NOW they wanted no mess...........
FAKE Formula One

We noticed the Hamilton mindcontrolled fankids and media are continuously saying (every fucking day, under every fucking post) he's the best, oh how great you are, etc.
That's how a media darling works. Seems like he needs that, he needs confirmations, while one who is really the best doesn't need that 'cause everybody already knows...
How could the best one not win on the best car and getting double wages... in the Sport of Money...

1st Rosberg, 2nd Hamilton... no moaning about final double points.
1st diva Hamilton, 2nd Rosberg... "double points are a farce".
making win the one who gets double wages is already a farce. Grown up men behaving like fanboys are a farce. Britishmen supporting Nazi Merzedes are a farce.

"highlights" video soon?

laugh laugh... everybody laughing... dumb and dumber (asshole and assholer, lol) Ecclestone and Putin... 
we also pay a higher bill now thanks to your fucking wars. 
Oh but thank God we are rich eh... sure more than them...

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Russia GP 2014

SOCHI - Sochi Autodrom, Russia. 
Гран-при России, Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix preview, 10-12 October 2014. 
You can join the Facebook event here, also if you're not going there, 
just to remind you the hours of the GP on tv. 
British time: (Italy +1) 

free practice 1: 7:00-8:30 
fp2: 11:00-12:30

fp3: 9:00-10:00 
qualifying: 12:00-13:10 (1:10pm)

race: 12:00 (local time: 15:00)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Japan GP 2014 Suzuka

SUZUKA - Nippon F1 circuit, Ino, Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture. 
Japanese Formula 1 Grand Prix preview (日本グランプリ Nihon-guranpuri), 3-5 October 2014. 
You can join the Facebook event here, also if you're not going there, 
just to remind you the hours of the GP on tv. 

British time: (Italy +1) 

free practice 1: 2:00-3:30
fp2: 6:00-7:30 

fp3: 3:00-4:00 
qualifying: 6:00-7:10 

race: 7:00

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Singapore GP, Mercedes buffoons

the clowns trying to equalise technical problems... what a joke of Formula 1...
the Hamilton fankids always say it's only their idol always having technical problems, and never Rosberg... sure... oh Hamilton poor victim... he gets the double of money than Rosberg, in F1 the sponsors rule...
liar liar Pinocchio Hamilton says he's still following... to put pressure on Nico.

the diva Hamilton sing Sunday morn, today's the day she's sworn, to steal what she never could own, and race from this hole she calls home, now you're at the wheel, tell me how, how does it feel? so good to have equalised eh...

Singapore GP 2014 Formula 1

SINGAPORE - F1 Marina Bay Street Circuit, Singapore. 
Formula One Grand Prix preview, 19-21 September 2014 (night race). 
You can join the Facebook event here, also if you're not going there, 
just to remind you the hours of the GP on tv. 

British time: (Italy +1) 

free practice 1: 11:00-12:30
fp2: 14:30-16:00 (2:30pm-4:00pm) 

fp3: 11:00-12:00 
qualifying: 14:00-15:10 

race: 13:00

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Formula 1 2015 calendar

19 races, no Korean and New Jersey Grand Prix, maybe postponed to 2016. Japanese GP in September. New GP: Mexican GP returns.

car launch : new McLaren-Honda 2015 reveal (presentation)
winter tests (Jerez 1-4 February, Barcelona 19-22 and 26 Feb.-1 March)

Australia Australia Melbourne (15 March) 
Malaysia Malaysia Sepang (29 March) 
China China Shanghai (12 April) 
Bahrain Bahrain Sakhir (19 April) 
Spain Spain Barcelona (10 May) 
Germany Germany Nürburgring (19 July) ERASED
Italy Italy Monza (6 September) 
Singapore Singapore Singapore (20 September)
Japan Japan Suzuka (27 September)
Russia Russia Sochi (11 October)
United States United States Austin (25 October)
MEXICO  Mexico Mexico City (1 November)
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