Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hungary GP, Hamilton overrated

BUDAPEST - Did you notice when there's something new (a curb, or a circuit like Azerbaijan, etc), Shamilton makes bad mistakes.
This is an evident sign he's NOT a good driver.
I remember the media before the European GP said that because it's a new circuit, we'll see who is a real driver, facing the new, the unexpected.
Because it was the media darling Shamilton hitting the wall, they didn't talk anymore about that.
Most overrated driver in history.
9 years for a pole in difficult Monaco, and driving only fast cars.

All the media talking about "lucky Rosberg"... in pole position.
Shamilton 10th in Q2 was not lucky eh...

illuminati strategy : GP in England, English Ecclestone, Shamilton fan, English Charlie Whiting. Sunny weather. Shamilton is not able to start. Safety car start.
the fact that he said to stop the safety car, makes it all look like he's got nothing to do with it... and all the blinded people fall into the trap.
Capelli giustifica Shamilton in tutti i modi, eh poverino aveva detto di fermare la safety car... Eh è il più penalizzato da questa situazione (piove solo per lui). Ma gli altri allora come fanno per non avere macchine davanti?
sta gente è MALATA nella testa. Tra l'altro "penalizzato" riferito a uno che non viene mai squalificato quando dovrebbe...
il Gufo Mazzoni : "Hamilton non è stato perfetto come al solito"
(quando mai è perfetto che fa un errore quasi ad ogni sessione... forse la Mercedes perfetta?). Passano 5 secondi : Shamilton esce di pista.
Massa (uno che non sbatte mai eh) guarda caso va a sbattere.
Ivan : mah io non capisco... (l'avevamo capito). Mazzoni sta ripetendo l'incidente della molla di Barrichello sul casco di Massa in media una volta ogni 9 minuti.
(quando c'è di mezzo Barrichello, scatta ancora la Sindrome di Nonna Isaura o Neide)

more highlight soon from the Hungaroring

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hungary 2016 GP guide, Formula 1

BUDAPEST - Hungaroring, Mogyoród, Budapest. 
Magyar Nagydíj Hungarian Formula One Grand Prix preview. 
You can join the Facebook event here, also if you're not going there, 
just to remind you the hours of the race on tv. 
British time: (Italy & Hungary +1) 

free practice 1: 9:00-10:30 
fp2: 13:00-14:30 (1pm-2:30pm)

fp3: 10:00-11:00 
qualifying: 13:00-14:10 

race: 13:00

I don't know why I've always liked Hungary... ;) since I was a child, I wrote a thesis about it. It was the flag with the same colours of Italy inspiring me. Then when I grew up, I realised why :D
And my favourite Jenson Button won his first race here, and in 2011.
I need a touristic guide! :)

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Formula No Balls

SILVERSTONE - Hamilton's new fashionable friends...
even the start behind the Safety Car helping Shamilton, 'cause he's shite at the start too. They should remove this rule, it's not F1. The weather was even sunny.
Shamilton often starts bad, and has points to recover. Ecclestone and Charlie Whiting : English and Shamilton fan. British GP. Safety car. Simple.

Shamilton fans celebrating Verstappen, who previously always ridiculed Shamilton and always said things against him...
A teenager able to overtake in circuits where Shamilton said "it's impossible to overtake". New Senna.
English fans booing Rosberg again, several times. "Best fans", said Shamilton too, the arse licker.
Fans paying tax for him... ok if they're happy... a bit stupid too.

poll by the same old shitty BBC : 53% * voted Shamilton the best British driver of all time
(* note : 53% follow F1 since 53 minutes ago and are rap fans / Justin Bieber's, who don't even know who are the other British drivers of the past)
Even since 2010 he wouldn't be the best one, in fact Button scored more points than him driving the same car (McLaren).

Did you notice how easily Mercedes talked with instructions on the radio, as if they didn't know they would've got a penalty for that. When it's Hamilton, they're OH SO CAREFUL about not getting penalties... It's all planned... to make the championship interesting... At the end of the day, Shamilton gets DOUBLE MONEY... sponsors talk in this "sport"... money talks...
Rosberg had a penalty not because they talked on the radio but because of the 7th gear THEY told him. If you read the appeal issue.
To be precise, it was Tony Ross on the radio, Englishman. It all makes sense.

Mercedes decided not to appeal against the penalty of Rosberg.
If it was Shamilton : huge battle at the European Court of Human Rights.
Save the whales, same the shamiltons...

Just like the issue "Rosberg great driver - Rosberg rubbish driver", the Shamilton fans have to decide if Mercedes is German or English.
For them it's a huge shame to support the driver of a German team, so they say Mercedes is English because of the headquarters in England (ok, and we see the results...), but then they contradict themselves, because they say Mercedes helps Rosberg because he's German !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

more highlights soon

if some alien is watching humans now, he's having great laughs. 
Killing humans? no, they're too funny.

"L'intellighenzia" superiore della Rai di dire com'è andato il GP esattamente prima di trasmetterlo.
Com'è che quelli della Rai si esaltano per Shamilton persino in prova (che poi quel tempo gli è stato tolto e si erano accorti persino loro che era uscito di pista). Giro straordinario incredibile record... grazie al cazzo se tagli la pista... allora andiamo all'interno per la campagna inglese che tanto è lo stesso (da leggersi tipo Giovanni di Aldo e Giacomo : "allora le regole buttiamole nel cesso" ghghgh)
Ci risulta che sia inglese su macchina tedesca, che c'azzecano loro che sono tifosi Ferrari.
Sono stati sorprendentemente tempestivi stavolta (al contrario di tutte le altre volte che sembra che dormono e non si accorgono neanche di quello che succede sul momento) ora nell'aggiornare la registrazione della gara con la penalità per Rosberg che è scattata tempo dopo.
Tutto normale invece per Hamilton aiutato con la partenza dietro la safety car perchè non è capace.

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Hamilton's fans are gay

SILVERSTONE - Formula 1 is not a man's world. Yes, women are generally not as good as men driving, but F1 is full of women working, and yes they can say what they think and want. And there are many girls following as fans.
The typical attitude of the Shamilton's fanboys is :
shut up woman, go back to the kitchen.
Assholes. They just show what they are... Every driver has the fans he deserves... rap fans for Shamilton. Shut up said from them following F1 since 2014.
They're not interested in women because they're gay.  They're so blinded, they prefer Shamilton to women.

The fans of Hamilton are the "anti-racist"... good.
But they don't even accept who thinks different from them...
and they even deny the evidence.
Hilarious, they are a joke.

more highlights soon

Friday, July 08, 2016

English fans booing Rosberg

SILVERSTONE - The "most sporting" audience (sure), the English, booed Rosberg.
Same people who were angry for the fans booing Shamilton.
Then it's "only the Italians booing". Sure.
"They were booing because other fans were booing" (in Austria too). Sure. Illuminati teaching, it's always the others' fault. The SAME attitude of Shamilton.
Then all the people and media say they are the "best fans". Drunkest too. Oh but that's another excuse.
The English so desperate like Hamilton struggling with average Rosberg, that they even have to support a German car, Mercedes. Result of suffering for their football being SHITE.

more highlights soon

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Brexit 2016 GP guide, Silverstone, Formula 1

SILVERSTONE - British F1 circuit, England. 
Great Britain Formula One Grand Prix preview. 
You can join the Facebook event here, also if you're not going there, 
just to remind you the hours of the race on tv. 

British time: (Italy +1) 

free practice 1: 10:00-11:30 
fp2: 14:00-15:30 (2pm-3:30pm)

fp3: 10:00-11:00 
qualifying: 13:00-14:10 

race: 13:00

Austria GP, fans boo Hamilton the liar

SPIELBERG - The podium. Shamilton arse licker with always the same "best circuit, best fans, best food, etc" for every GP (when he wins). Ridiculous, grow some sense of shame.
Rosberg and Hamilton face suspension threat from Mercedes. Would've loved to see if it was the opposite in the collison, what his fanboys would've said. Rosberg's fault in any case. Very mature. Their blinded fanboyism confuses them, they don't agree even among each other. Some of them think Rosberg is a great driver... just to let them think Shamilton is a legend. Some others think Rosberg is rubbish. And still, Shamilton struggles desperately.
Shamilton said Rosberg was ahead because of a mistake by Mercedes. Obviously.
Lauda : Hamilton lied about his relationship with Rosberg. Nothing new, Shamilton is a cheater.
Hamilton destroyed his room after his mistake in Baku qualifying. Nothing new, the kid throwing his toys (dildos, vibrators) out of the pram.

Just like when Lauda insults Ferrari every time, then he says he was misunderstood. Same old illuminati scheme. First they tell the truth to make the media talk about them. Then they remember they cause a mess in the team.

Max Verstappen unhappy with "wanting to be cool" Shamilton's attitude over safety.

Well done everybody, so now all the blinded audience will think : oh poor Hamilton... the victim.

Button driving a Mercedes would beat the shit out of Shamilton.

more highlights soon

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

2016 Austria GP guide, Formula 1

SPIELBERG - Großer Preis von Österreich, Red Bull Ring F1 circuit, Spielberg, Österreich. 
Austrian Formula One Grand Prix preview. 
You can join the Facebook event here, also if you're not going there, 
just to remind you the hours of the race on tv. 

British time: (Italy +1) 

free practice 1: 9:00-10:30 
fp2: 13:00-14:30 

fp3: 10:00-11:00 
qualifying: 13:00-14:00 

race: 13:00

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Baku GP, Hamilton conspiracy of the sun

BAKU - Azerbaijan Grand Prix of "Europe". Oh the irony of the SUN of the illuminati in the EYE only of Shamilton... (not the others eh). The cool one always wearing sunglasses. Not when crashing on walls. Clearly, a conspiracy plotted by the sun.

It took him 11 laps, Shamilton always struggling vs a Williams. Nothing new.
And he even can use DRS. In a circuit with long straights.
Most overrated driver of all time. Fact.
I'd rather get Wehrlein, 8th with a Manor fighting with Ferrari.

moaning diva Shamilton said the other drivers moan.
and he moaned about it too.
He's clearly got a guilty conscience, he knows it's his biggest flaw.

more highlights soon

il gufo Mazzoni :
"vediamo la risposta di Hamilton" ... immediatamente inquadrato Hamilton fermo.
"e allora ci saranno le Ferrari in prima fila" ... immediatamente Rosberg in pole position.
Ivan Capelli con pronta la scusa del sole in faccia che lo ha fatto sbagliare
(non c'è il sole per gli altri?)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

no Canada - Brazil 2017 ?

LONDON - Bernie Ecclestone said the Grand Prix of Brasil and Canada are in doubt for the 2017 Formula 1 calendar, and they could be erased from the new season.
Probably because Ecclestone's favourite Shamilton ("the new Senna") said it's impossible to overtake in Interlagos (but Verstappen could do it). And because he found it difficult to overtake in Montreal and had to push Rosberg out (as always : no penalty for Hamilton).
Lewser Hamilton said the same about Monaco, so MonteCarlo could be erased too (it took him 9 years for a pole position).
But he's wrong, 'cause in Sao Paulo he could overtake "legend" Glock and finishing 5th he won the title.
The most over-rated driver, media darling of all time in F1 history.

more news soon

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Azerbaijan GP 2016, Europe Grand Prix, F1

BAKU - Formula 1 Baku City Circuit. 
European Formula One GP preview, 17-19 June 2016. 
You can join the Facebook event here, also if you're not going there, 
just to remind you the hours of the race on tv. 

British time: (Italy +1) 

free practice 1: 10:00-11:30
fp2: 14:00-15:30 (2-3:30pm)

fp3: 11:00-12:00 
qualifying: 14:00-15:10 

race: 14:00 (local : 17:00)

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Canada GP, Hamilton no penalty

MONTREAL - Basically we can put the same title for every Grand Prix.
Same old shit, never a penalty for Shamilton of course. Can you imagine his fanboys if it was Rosberg doing that at the start... pushing his team mate offtrack.
For the media : nothing happened.
...even SHITTY Ferrari is better than Shamilton!
But it's all already written on the illuminati masterplan : making him win the championship 'cause he gets double money. The sponsors count.
It's like the referee maFIA in football, results are VERY changeable... where the money goes...
What a coincidence : the safety car ends when Vettel pits... Great sense of timing from the FIA... (Ecclestone is a Hamilton fan"boy"). What a joke of a "sport". It's normal the people have lost interest in Formula 1.
arse licker Shamilton : hey Canada! ... etc
reaction : booooooo

Basically, Shamilton only wins with gifts from Red Bull and Ferrari, and his dumb fans are like : "greatest win in history" (because they know it was shite).

more highlights soon

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Monza 2017, 400 km/h

This video is 2004 (average speed record) but Montoya in 2005 with McLaren reached 372.2 km/h (Formula 1 record on a circuit).
In 2017, moving the Rettifilo chicane (and with the new rules, the cars 5 seconds faster, they say, also thanks to Pirelli new tyres -> downforce), they could reach 400 km/h.
It's worth to have Monza 2017 because of that

Sunday, June 05, 2016

2016 Canada GP guide, Formula 1

MONTREAL - Gilles Villeneuve F1 circuit, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 
Canadian Formula One Grand Prix preview, 10-12 June 2016. 
You can join the Facebook event here, also if you're not going there, 
just to remind you the hours of the GP on tv. 

British time: (Italy +1) 

free practice 1: 15:00-16:30 (3pm-4:30pm)
fp2: 19:00-20:30 

fp3: 15:00-16:00 
qualifying: 18:00-19:10 

race: 19:00

On lap 37 of the wet-dry 4 HOURS race, Jenson was LAST of the lot after clashing with Hamilton and Alonso, and pitting 3 times over punctures and a speeding penalty. A complete disaster.
Just 33 laps later, he won the race after a mesmerising drive through the entire field, boosted by a series of cleverly-timed pit stops.
The icing on the cake came at turn six on the very last lap when leader Vettel, spooked by the ever-closing Button, slid wide and let the Brit through to win what he described as "definitely my best race ever". Definitely the best race seen in years.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

more illuminati Hamilton

MONACO - More evidence, Lewis Shamilton belonging to the illuminati mafia.
The illuminati bless their stuff (films, cds, etc) with "magic wands". In Montecarlo, Shamilton posed on the podium like Jesus Christ crucified (also see his tattoos and crosses, they do these things to mock Christians, to substitute them with their "religion", it's their masterplan... with more ignorant people, so more "malleable"). They typically "ADMIT" their success comes from something (Mercedes in this case), so they appear to the audience like "HONEST people", to cover the fact they're dishonest. Also in this race, he cut chicanes, closed the space for Ricciardo towards the wall, no penalty and no positions left... always differents rules for him... can you imagine if it was Rosberg... For the English media fanboys, it's always the others fault. Rosberg not letting him pass : wrong. Rosberg letting him pass : wrong. It would've even been a huge scandal for them if he didn't let the moaning diva pass. The poor victim, the media darling.
You know, he keeps using the number 44 (and he could use number 1), as 4 is the most typical illuminati number, double and forming a triangle, the devil's horns. Also, his helmet, in these years of fake wins vs nobody, became white (colour of the light).
It's years we follow these illuminati things. Sure you might think it's crazy, but they are sick people (sick for money). If you do some research you can find them. 
In Monaco, Justin Bieber said it was an "amazing victory"... Hamilton said "one of the best races in my career"... can you imagine the worst ones... This one thanks to the others (Rosberg letting him pass and Red Bull huge mistake) and with no rules for him, what a hero. God makes them, then couples them. These people can only have 12-year old stupid fangirls.
more soon

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Monaco GP, Hamilton no penalty

MONTECARLO - Think we already had that title...
So, dear Lewser Shamilton aka new Senna... in Brazil it's not possible to overtake, in Monaco neither...
is there a circuit where you can do it? you've become a JOKE.
Only "with a little help from his friends"... And winning only thanks to Red Bull's mistake at the pit stop and Rosberg's problem.
Bastard Shamilton pushing Ricciardo towards the wall, risking to cause a crash. He also cut the chicanes, twice. Always different rules for him....
The media commentators just dismiss it like it didn't happen.
No penalty, as per usual.
At the Monaco Grand Prix you REALLY can't overtake... especially if the one in front of you cuts chicanes (can you imagine if it was Rosberg doing that?).
Can you imagine if Ricciardo was Shamilton... LET THE DIVA PASS...........
Only fankid JUSTIN BIEBER could congratulate Shamilton. Dumb and dumber. Another immature asshole among Shamilton's illuminati friends, sure they get on well. All people who have nothing to do with Formula 1.
He looks like an infant sucking from a feeding bottle. Mummy Shamilton helps him.
Rosberg let Hamilton pass for an issue with his brakes, the Shamilton fanboys would talk about conspiracy.
After the qualifying issue, they were obviously still talking about sabotage.
They make you wish it was true!
Ricciardo moral winner, driver of the day.
more highlights soon

Shamilton knows that Justin Bieber is hated by millions of people. That's why he's with him, to have negative reactions on the illuminati media, to make talk about him from haters so he's the POOR VICTIM again in a difficult period......... All typically calculated.

Per dare una svolta alla sfortuna portata dal Partito Democratico alla Ferrari, questo weekend è andato anche peggio : penalizzazione per cambio del cambio, e manovra (irregolare) di fare un giro perdendo pezzi (metafora del PD).
Sul podio persino una FORCE INDIA dei venditori di rose. Eh quelli hanno bisogno di soldi... l'India è solo uno dei più ricchi paesi al mondo... In Italia invece adesso ci sono solo 1.400.000 minori che vivono in povertà (fonte Istat)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Monaco GP, Hamilton @ antidoping

MONTECARLO - After the crash with Rosberg at the Spanish GP, drunk Lewser Shamilton has even been in doubt for the Monaco Grand Prix. They found the moaning cinema diva on drugs in Cannes.

It means something that in the circuit considered the most difficult one, and it is, the driver considered the best one, Senna, won more than anyone else, 6 times, even with cars that were not the best ones, Lotus, McLaren 1993, and even Toleman Segafredo Zanetti, he had practically won in his FIRST year.
The one considered the "new Senna" by the illuminati media and blinded fanboys, took 9 years for a pole position... and driving only fast cars.
It can't big so big coincidences... it means Shamilton SUCKS.
Still struggling vs shite Rosberg and overtaking Massa in an inferior car.

By the way, one who sucks @ Monaco is Massa, crashed so many times with Ferrari too.

more highlights soon

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Mille Miglia Monza 2016

1000 Miglia @ Arengario di Monza

Friday, May 20, 2016

2016 Monaco GP guide, Formula 1

MONTECARLO - F1 circuit de Monaco, Monte-Carlo.
Monaco Formula One Grand Prix preview, 26-29 May 2016.
You can join the Facebook event here, also if you're not going there, 
just to remind you the hours of the race on tv. Remember this one starts on Thursday (no Friday), and the events even before. 

British time: (Italy +1) 

free practice 1: 9:00-10:30 
fp2: 13:00-14:30 

fp3: 10:00-11:00 
qualifying: 13:00-14:00 

race: 13:00

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Spain GP, Hamilton drunk, joins Manor

BARCELONA - DOPING in Formula 1. Spanish Grand Prix, Lewis Shamilton clearly nervous because at the start he had been overtaken and was behind, went offtrack and crashed into Rosberg.
After the crash, Hamilton put his hands on his face, as to say : oh fuck what I've done... and he threw the steering wheel like a kid throwing toys out of his pram.
Can you imagine if it was Rosberg doing that...
the Shamilton's fanboys would've CRUCIFIED Rosberg.
They even say it was his fault ahahahahahaha
go back to nursery school (if you ever attended at least that one)
Now seriously, Hamilton clearly needs a doctor for psychological problems, the same where his fans go.

Lauda : "it's unacceptable".
SACK Shamilton.
join team MANOR and let's see if you're a real driver.
Should be happy, still a fast Mercedes.
Like Verstappen-Kvyat, if Hamilton was at Red Bull he would've joined TORO ROSSO now.

PDemocraP luck : Ferrari loses vs Verstappen an 18 year old who had never been on the podium and not even leading a race, winning at his first GP at Red Bull, and even with both Mercedes retired.
Driver of the day : Shamilton without a doubt.

Next GP : Monaco... Rosberg should crash into Hamilton.

We came to a conclusion about the Shamilton's fans psychiatric profile.
They live in their own little world where the facts (not opinions) are different from reality, because it reminds them of something little they have... (the brains eh, not something between their legs, lol).
They reached the top comments saying not only that it was Rosberg's fault, but that if it was Hamilton in his place, he would've been given a penalty. Poor victim.
They also "missed" all the penalties their idol didn't get.
To justify that Shamilton didn't take a pole at Monaco in 9 years, they say it was Rosberg's fault (already heard this one) with the yellow flag... it happened something different those weekends (Hamilton had previously used the overtaking button=more power and wasn't allowed... and also that time when he blamed Mercedes but then it came out it was him asking to pit), and Rosberg won more there.
Probably Shamilton got a yellow flag for 9 years.

more highlights soon

Friday, May 13, 2016

La RAI dimentica la Formula 1

Mazzoni e c. (compagnia competente) stavolta non sono andati in giro per il mondo coi nostri soldi? Oggi su RaiSport2 alle 14:30 era programmata la differita (diretta sarebbe troppo) delle prove del Gran Premio di Spagna, ma hanno fatto durare i tuffi fino alle 15:15. E poi mica hanno messo la Formula 1 (tanto paghiamo comunque), ma sono passati direttamente al programma successivo delle 16:20, il tennis (immagini di ARCHIVIO in bianco e nero con Panatta, neanche un torneo) che dura fino alle 19:00. Le comiche. Questi sono fuori di testa... si tuffino dalla finestra. Ormai pensano che tutti siano ricchi e abbiano Sky... tipo i profughi immigrati che pretendono Sky e glielo paghiamo noi che non ce l'abbiamo...
Tanto poi quest'anno un certo loro superiore (di nome Renzi del PD) aveva promesso che non si pagava il canone... meglio infilarlo subdolamente da qualche altra parte.
Quasi speravamo che la mancata trasmissione della F1 fosse una buona notizia e la "competente" banda Mazzoni-Muppet Show stavolta non fosse potuta andare in vacanza in giro per il mondo a spese nostre........
Tra l'altro mettere le prove libere a quell'ora era un trucco per far finta che fossero in diretta mentre la F1 è già alle seconde prove nello stesso momento. Ormai hanno rinunciato anche ai trucchi, non funzionano neanche quelli.
Ora 16:05 : adesso sono passati al Mondiale di calcio del 1974.
Germania Est contro Germania Ovest.
Un po' di nostalgia del Muro di Berlino fa sempre bene.
Poi niente Tg sportivo ma Rai2 e Raisport con lo stesso programma........un classico.
Alla sera 3 CANALI (RaiSport1, RaiSport2 e RaiSport HD) con lo STESSO programma dei tuffi che non gliene frega a nessuno (specialmente al venerdì sera), e le prove libere 2 settimana prossima.
2016 Odissea in Italia.
Mamma Rai non ti abbandona mai.
Altre comiche da aggiungere prossimamente

basta bastaaa bastaaaaaa con sta Rai della dittatura dell'Ufficio Sinistri che parla anche al Giro di partigiani e Guccini, robe di 100 anni fa. Lasciateci stare ALMENO lo sport, senza USARLO subdolamente, perchè quelli sono in evidente difficoltà

Monday, May 09, 2016

2016 Spain GP guide, Formula 1

BARCELONA - Gran Premio de España, Circuit de Catalunya, Montmeló, Barcelona.
Spanish Formula One Grand Prix preview, 13-15 May 2016. 
You can join the Facebook event here, also if you're not going there, 
just to remind you the hours of the F1 race on tv. 

British time: (Italy +1) 

free practice 1: 9:00-10:30 
fp2: 13:00-14:30 

fp3: 10:00-11:00 
qualifying: 13:00-14:00 

race: 13:00

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Giro d'Italia 2016, RAI espertoni

APELDOORN - Tour of Italy starting from Nederland (girls included).

Gli espertoni giornalai-Rai di parte (la nostra che paghiamo il canone), Pancani e Martinello telecronisti illuminati, hanno fatto un discorso secondo cui siccome in Olanda vanno tutti in bicicletta, sono più avanti di noi che "a Milano per una strada chiusa al traffico ci sono state molte proteste"... (fosse una sola...). Ci piacciono proprio quelli che parlano di cose che non li riguardano e giudicano superficialmente. Ne potremmo dire mille ma ricordiamo solo che quando dobbiamo fare in macchina quel pezzo a cui si riferiva (isola pedonale Castello Sforzesco), dobbiamo fare tutto un giro molto più lungo (e spesso col rischio di sbagliare e dover rifare), quindi inquinando molto di più di quando c'era la strada normale (si saranno mica messi d'accordo coi benzinai del PD?). Come quelli del limite di velocità a 30 km/h in città : ci si mette di più e si intasa il traffico.
Sono i tipici che si schierano pro-Pisapirla il finto ecologista che taglia alberi, perchè non abitano a Milano...
Milano poi non è una città fatta per biciclettai, non si può generalizzare come se altre situatiiiiions fossero le nostre.
Ah ma loro sono gli anti-generalizzatori...
Non è che eliminando una strada elimini le macchine dalla faccia della Terra come vorrebbero le utopie dei comunisti.
Tra l'altro il riferimento alla Milano di Pisapia è fuori luogo, visto che l'unico progetto suo che ha fatto sono le piste ciclabili scollegate fra loro e pericolosissime (provare per credere, bisogna attraversare strade con macchine).
Poi questi sarebbero i sedicenti "più intelligenti", i progressisti, che dovrebbero difendere il nostro Paese e invece dicono che gli altri sono migliori. Annamo bene.
Chi si crede di essere, Scanagatti il sindaco di Monza del PD che spegne i semafori? (altri incidenti mortali e figura di merda a Striscia la Notizia).
Malati di cineserie in bicicletta (poi si vede in Cina quanto inquinamento c'è...)

La partenza del Giro era alle 13:45 e la Rai su ben 3 CANALI (RaiSport1, RaiSport2 e RaiSport HD, oltre poi a Rai3) hanno fatto vedere per 20 minuti il balletto per culattoni. La beffa è che la telecronista Alessandra De Stefano dice che le immagini Rai in esclusiva arrivano PRIMA...
A sto punto fanno apposta. E noi paghiamo. Iniziamo "popo bene"...

Not only Segafredo Zanetti is Giro d'Italia official sponsor (and a team, Trek), also Honda is a sponsor on the podium....... oh the irony.

Jenson Button is in Italy for some cycling, also Ricciardo doing the same @ Monaco in these days, he had a puncture and came back 7 hours later, lol

Dopo aver fatto 80 giri per il posto (come un Gran Premio), tipico cartello "per fare cassa" nella Milano di Pisapirla :
divieto di sosta, rimozione autovetture dalle ore 6:00 di MARTEDI' 9 MAGGIO... (e pure ripetuto su altri cartelli)
Così uno pensa : parcheggio ma anche no.
Tutto un modo di far sentire insicuri i cittadini (i soli veri paganti). Non c'è da sorprendersi poi che la sua Milano abbia il record di multe.
I casi sono quindi 2 : o sono imbecilli che non sanno neanche le cose elementari o ci fanno di proposito per fottervi.

Quest'anno i telecretini Rai stanno più schisci sulle fughe : prima qualsiasi fuga per loro andava in porto (cosa che puntualmente non succedeva), adesso improvvisamente nessuna.
Sono passati a un livello superiore : adesso sparano cazzate socio-politiche.
Si vede che qualcuno dall'alto gliel'ha detto......sia delle fughe che delle cose politiche......
Almeno servivano per tenere il poco pubblico davanti alla tv, ma si vede che non hanno capito neanche questa.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Russia GP, Hamilton fans in a coma

SOCHI - A recent photo of Shamilton's fans becoming mad.
Rosberg 7 wins in a row and Lewser's fanboys talk about luck, conspiracy, gifts and problems (so decide which one) ...losers rosiconi.
And they say he's a "cry baby" aha said by the diva fans, already in the psychiatric phase they see their problems in other people.
This time he moaned even about stewards.
It must be Mercedes's fault also all his bad starts.
Now suddenly the consipiracy exists.

both McLarens in the points!
but pretty shows how Mercedes (Shamilton from 10th to 2nd) are fighting against nobody,
if even McLaren can be 6th.

Typical double illuminati inculatiiiiiion for Ferrari (Vettel hit 2 times by Kvyat).
"...that's what you get by sleeping with PD." (the enemy)
"democrat"-demoCRAP politicised team
(elected without people voting, like all the illuminati prizes)

Please everybody re-write the Formula 1 history.
Lewser fans say McLaren 2008 and Mercedes 2014 were slow cars.
Yeah defo, a Manor and A Force India.
It's obviously all thanks to his illuminati genius of superior race.

Some F1 people "working" holding microphones & dicks (in fact they are in a relationship with mechanics, etc THAT's why they "work" in F1) are still moaning because they have to WORK catching a plane in the day of "bankholiday Monday"... bankholiday Monday?? holiday was yesterday 1 May even if it was Sunday, today the working people WORK.
They also moan because they have to "work" when it's sunny...
We propose you to work in a mine, so underground the weather doesn't matter, and maybe when you come out you also find a nice snow.
with MILLIONS of unemployed people also in Italy, these fucking people moan about "working" in Formula 1.

Shamilton was about to reach Verstappen at a certain point, I bet he wouldn't have been able to overtake him. Today for the first time Shamilton overtook Massa without any particular problem, usually he struggles.

more highlights soon

la Rai alla frutta... (hanno magnato abbastanza credo)
Mazzoni : "MAI è successo...anzi scusate, sempre"
"i pneumatichi" (Ingegner "Stello" Bruno, tutto un parentado)

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Russian GP, Hamilton no penalty

SOCHI - Small brains but full of rap music for idiots.

Obviously all the media are talking about the mechanical problems for Shamilton, to hide the fact he should've been disqualified in Q1 qualifying, 'cause he doesn't even know the rules of his "job". He didn't even slow down. His time was not valid and should've been cancelled, so he should've been 22nd. Jinx punishment : 10th on the grid.
Again no penalty for him (already happened also in 2016). They have different rules for him different man... "we are all the same but some are more the same" (communist Animal farm).
If Shamilton wasn't childish with Rosberg fighting for Q1 for nothing, he would've been calm and wouldn't have risked a penalty. He's nervous psychologically and always makes mistakes.
But it seems he knows he can do what he wants, the President protects him...

The masterpiece of the Shamilton's self-called "anti-racist" fanboys comments is :
Mercedes is making Rosberg win because he's German.
Yeah you know, in the past 2 years Mercedes was English.
Pathetic losers moaning diva Lewser comments.
But he pays no tax in England so maybe Mercedes was from some other country, no matter which one. Monaco, Switzerland, Africa, "because he's black", they say.
Also, Mercedes headquarters are in England.
Childish fanboys of Shamilton are abusing Mercedes on Twitter.
Says a lot about them.
I bet it's Mercedes' fault even that he wasn't able to have good starts in 2016.
Or it's just "bad luck", not that he wasn't able.
Always an excuse ready. That is always ready.


Shamilton said : A "bloody shield from the policeman, the riot shields, it's like a bloody riot shield."... no wonder Shamilton is a fucking communist.
"They could die at any moment'"?????? typical illuminati comment (like illuminati Noel Gallagher liking people dying....-> illuminati reduction of the population).
And the aeroscreen is for safety, good even if it looked bad. It's cool, looks like a convertible or an old war airplane. Idiot with no sense of cool. Said by Shamilton who dresses like an uncool asshole. Obviously all the blinded people say it sucks because he said so.
Mafia illuminati criminals in jail. He's a diva moaning about everything. This was another illuminati strategy to make people talk about him Lewser loser, media darling.

The most intelligent thing was said by De La Rosa, ex McLaren driver and test driver for many years.
Questioning the halo is a lack of respect.
Go learn something Shamilton.
With the halo, Senna wouldn't have been penetrated on the helmet by a wheel suspension like an "arrow" and wouldn't have died...........that was the reason.

QED quod erat demonstrandum.
Shamilton doesn't like the canopy-aeroscreen.
President Bernie Ecclestone doesn't like the canopy-aeroscreen.

(1 May day of workers)
let me say something communist (and Formula 1 clearly isn't supposed to be a communist world... even if communists are not really poor... see multi-multi-millionaire Shamilton)
I've seen there are F1 people (like : girls who just have to hold a microphone... it must be easy for some BITCH holding dicks) calling their job a WORK...
they should try to be a MINER... THAT is work.

more highlights soon
Per Mazzoni la Red Bull è una scuderia "anglo-tedesca"...
e col padre serbo-croato come Ajeje Brazorf.
Ovviamente Capelli ha difeso Shamilton. Non ha senso perchè non ha neanche rallentato.
Persino Mazzoni si è finalmente accorto di tutti gli errori di Shamilton...
D'accordo che prova il limite e li faceva anche Schumacher ma sono errori

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

2016 Russia Grand Prix guide, Formula 1

SOCHI - Sochi Autodrom, Russia. 
Гран-при России, Russian Formula One GP preview, 29 April-1 May 2016. 
You can join the Facebook event here, also if you're not going there, 
just to remind you the hours of the F1 race on tv. 
British time: (Italy +1) 

free practice 1: 8:00-9:30 
fp2: 12:00-13:30 (1:10pm)

fp3: 10:00-11:00 
qualifying: 13:00-14:10

race: 13:00 (local time: 15:00)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

China GP, Ronald Hamilton

SHANGHAI - The most common same old story in Formula 1 (F1 classics) : Lewser Shamilton struggling to overtake Massa on an much inferior car.
(ovviamente invece quelli della Rai poco prima lo esaltavano...)
Hamilton started the race from the bottom. How appropriate for an arse.
Also illuminati Noel Gallagher used to wear the high type of black Converse All Star, used by clowns.

Everybody delighted that all the drivers finished the race as if it was a positive thing...
the people want crashes, retirements, controversies, issues, cars burning, drivers coming out of the car and having a fight.

Rosberg wins the Chinese Grand Prix too, Vettel and Kvyat arguing.
Vettel overtook the McLaren and he loses pieces of the car ghghgh
still a jinx effect on them.

Magnussen didn't expect negative comment from his fans because he joked about McLaren... and he forgot he has some McLaren fans... don't worry kid, we already know you're an idiot.
You can only have fans among teenage girls "oh how beautiful he is" (really?) like one of the No Direction. Following F1 since 2014. A good company for the Shamilton's rap fans.

podium of the most irritating things :
1) the new fankids talking about F1
2) Massa talking in English (ciu ciu ciu ciu)
3) Shamilton talking.

There's one of those fangirls still moaning (of course with a lot of likes, as idiocy is very popular, like Shamilton with 4 million fans) about "beautiful" Fucking kid Magnussen not receiving a car from McLaren because of the insurance, but paying "old gits" Button and Alonso.
No Ecclestone, no rules, no Shamilton, nothing,
these fankids are the real ruin of this sport. Following F1 since 2014. Of course F1 is not even their main interest, but just 1 of many worlds where to do "fangirling". They don't know where to "throw their heads", Being rubbish.
Now stay away and go back to Justin Bieber.

more highlights soon

Prosegue l'effetto dell'Ufficio Sinistri : le Ferrari si sono colpite tra di loro.
Capelli esaltatissimo "che cosa ha fatto Hamilton all'esterno"... ha fatto che guida una Mercedes contro l'esordiente. Haas.
"Hamilton recita e al 90% non è credibile, per il resto dice cose intelligenti"
(Pino Allievi)
il grande Pino si è accorto che Hamilton vuole "recitare un ruolo che non è il suo". Esattamente quello che fanno gli illuminati. Cambiano personalità.
Nel frattempo Stella Bruno si fa prendere per il culo anche da Alvaro Vitali.
Mazzoni esaltatissimo diceva che sulle prime pagine dei giornali ci sarebbero state le Ferrari.
Per le prove libere? e poi i giornali non chiudono a tarda sera?
Dopo le qualifiche : ci saranno state le Ferrari sulle prime pagine dei giornali?
davanti persino la Red Bull e Rosberg.
Mazzoni eiaculatore precoce.

Monday, April 11, 2016

2016 China Grand Prix guide, Formula 1

SHANGHAI - Shanghai International Circuit, 中国大奖赛 
Chinese Formula One GP preview, 15-17 April 2016. 
You can join the Facebook event here, also if you're not going there, 
just to remind you the hours of the F1 race on tv. 

British time: (Italy +1) 

free practice 1: 3:00-4:30 
fp2: 7:00-8:30 

fp3: 5:00-6:00 
qualifying: 8:00-9:00 

race: 7:00 (local: 14:00)

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Bahrain GP, Hamilton loser

EL SAKHIR - Shamilton is not able to win, not even with all the help from his fanboy Ecclestone.
Rosberg winning, but they are acting, desperately faking to make Formula 1 exciting, in the end the sponsors pay.
They blamed Bottas and punished him with a penalty, because it was Shamilton. To hide the fact his start was bad.
Bottas could not disappear there, and leave space to the diva, who left "the door open".
It was never a penalty if it was the opposite... it's his political power...

How is it possible that H-aas (H hell gate) from America (where the illuminati are based) is doing great at their first year in F1 (just like white Brawn winning in their only 1 year), overtaking Williams and Red Bull, and McLaren with decades of experience, one of the best in history, is shite for years (2013-2014-2015-2016).
Nothing against Haas nor Americans (we even chose them for Fantasy GP, because we got there is something about them), but the fans are wondering why, and for the sport it's embarrassing.
Maybe FIA wants to tempt new ones to be involved in F1, investing money? the same Mercedes and Red Bull didn't exist for decades.
There is clearly something to do with money behind, in the Sport of Money...

The F1 fankids seem to be scared of adults.
Jenson outqualifying Vandoorne -> oh it's just free practice.
Vandoorne better than him in quali and race -> it's Button's fault. Vandoorne champion.
All because they're conscious their generation, out of F1, is rubbish.
They make people hate F1.

McLaren says Button could've finished 7th, Jenson says also 5th or 6th.
Of course no fankid says he was already ahead of Vandoorne...

Like an illuminati dictatorship, Bernie says "drivers shouldn't even be allowed to TALK"... agreed. His Shamilton more than anyone else.

There's a media journalist of British BBC, of course supporting Shamilton, who every time says huge bullshit, like one who knows nothing about F1, and was probably "borrowed" from some other sport. Now they even want to eliminate one between Jenson and Fernando, to replace them with Vandoorne. Quite idiotic to do that after this weekend.
They should sack many useless jounalists.

The Shamilton fanboys immediately ready to vomit on Rosberg because of Panama Papers.
As if Shamilton, the "proud Britishman", paid taxes in his own country, LOL.
And the whole Mercedes is involved.
They say you're a hater if you tell facts about him, and they are pole position haters for Rosberg.
I feel pity for them, they are victims of the media and behave like the illuminati blaming others (they don't even know)

Just a reminder, because the people seem to forget, blinded by the cinema illuminati.
The SPARKS you see ontrack, are FAKE, they were introduced some time ago to make fake F1 "spectacular", while in the 80s they were real in certain conditions, UNEXPECTED, and now there are continuous sparks as something normal.

more highlights to add soon
La sfiga dell'Ufficio Sinistri ancora all'opera sulla Ferrari...

Riuscire a fare una figura di merda con Ecclestone pur nel torto fino al collo :
Stella Bruno -> riuscita.

sottotitoli : Stella Bruno "commento TECNICO"?? Anche il mio gatto allora.

Cogliendo l'occasione del GP musulmano del Bahrain, abbiamo parlato con 3 illustri esponenti del collaborazionismo agli islamici.

1) L'islamico trapiantato in Italia con sua oscura "attività". Ad ascoltarlo, le restrizioni e il trattamento islamico delle donne sono cose che non lo riguardano minimamente, lui (lui) vive in un mondo libero dove "fai quello che vuoi". Siamo a posto. Se gli fai notare però che per molti suoi "fratelli musulmani" non è così, ti prende a insulti e fa strani e significativi riferimenti illuminati alle importanti "ricerche scientifiche"... Manicomio.

2) La giovane ragazza attraente (in questo caso straniera) che va nei loro paesi degli emirati a fare la prostituta (tipo harem), e sa le lingue perchè le servono per i clienti, se la ride di quelle cose islamiche che sono fandonie perchè noi le abbiamo lette "sull'internet"... E il vero scandalo sono le nostre donne nude sui giornali. Manicomio.

3) Lo studente pacifista comunista italiano (che deve ancora studiare tanta roba), che dà la colpa di tutto ciò a Salvini. Noi siamo ignoranti e Gesù era un profeta dell'Islam (comunisti che parlano di Gesù? solo quando gli fa comodo). Giusto, bisognerebbe ricordarlo agli islamici... Difende l'islamico di cui sopra, che fa bene a insultarci e non parlare più. Se invece non gli parli più tu, siamo codardi. Qualcosa di simile all'odio islamico : va bene. Tutte le stragi di cristiani forse non sono successe davvero perchè le abbiamo lette "sull'internet"... Manicomio.

Colpa nostra insomma. Strategia illuminata di incolpare tutti gli altri. Invece le ragazze italiane pacifiste, poco attraenti, vanno in quei paesi a "salvare il mondo" (o meglio, godendo di farsi segretamente stuprare), tanto poi ci sono gli italiani che pagano il riscatto. Solo per i cittadini di Serie A (ovvero dell'Ufficio Sinistri).

Un bel quadretto, dove gli attentati non vengono macchè condannati, neanche nominati, e il vero problema sono le donne nude sulle riviste. Colpa di Berlusconi.

Allah al bar

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Alonso vs Herbert fight

AL SAKHIR - The most interesting "highlight" about Bahrain GP qualifying was... the Alonso retirement issue. 
"You ended up as a commentator because you were not a true champion." 
And being on Sky, a Shamilton fanboy. 

The majority of the people still follow Formula 1 because of the MEMORY of how it WAS. 
In fact, in 2017 they go backwards. 
If this sport was born today, not so many would follow. 
Never seen a sport so much in crisis and putting in doubt its own rules.

The new qualifying format confirms to be absolutely ridiculous. And the comments of the fans agree. The tv commentators say pole position and there is still the 3rd one to be eliminated, who could have another lap, and the 2nd even more time. Even free pratice is more exciting. Drivers are out of the cars even before elimination, and there is often only 1 car ontrack. They don't even try again. Claire Williams even said they sent out the cars for the good of the sport.
Ecclestone said there are some drivers moaning referring to Vettel (he hates Vettel), and his favourite Hamilton diva is the most moaning one.

Sulla Rai, già Mazzoni non capisce una mazza di quello che succede, pur avendo davanti computer, monitor e tutto, adesso hanno l'ordine dall'alto di fare i democratici e leggono i messaggi dei telespettatori (solo quelli che vogliono loro ovviamente, sennò sarebbero insulti e Madonne tirate giù), che non gliene frega a nessuno e lo distraggono ancora di più, e Capelli non gli risponde neanche.
"è la prima volta che un pilota belga affronta il Gran Premio del Belgio".
(Mazzoni, troppo avanti)

Friday, April 01, 2016

Bahrain, Vettel chocolate & vanilla

AL SAKHIR - F1 into gay marriages. It's not even necessary to create photomontages, there are actual photos of them embracing each other.
Free practice. Vettel against the qualifying format.
He probably meant to say the opposite, it was an allusiiiion... it's the other way round, Formula 1 sells know that one (typical cheeky illuminati) who says he's black and poor him, he had to work more than the others "because he's black"... like : being born inside McLaren, having champagne in a luxury hotel in London at 9 years old, having a fast car immediately and always, moaning for getting millions to travel around the world for the sponsors... great efforts... a real struggle for life... nobody in the world would do that, especially the "poor blacks" who have a dignity, unlike him. Hamilton is the shame & the sham for the blacks.
He's not even a real driver... .the illuminati are always a big bluff, through the media.

Marchionne tipico sfacciato illuminato (fanno apposta a fare gli stronzi per stare sui media e si fa il loro gioco) il presidente della Ferrari...
anche noi voteremmo Renzi (se si POTESSE votare) stando in America (base illuminati) da residente in Svizzera (base banche iluminati) e le tasse della Ferrari in Olanda... anche Shamilton fa discorsi sinistri e non paga le tasse nel suo paese e si dice addirittura orgoglione britannico...
solite facce di tolla. Poi questi sono quelli contro l'evasione fiscale.
Intanto continuano gli effetti dell'endorsement sinistro per la Ferrari...

La Rai ha trasmesso lo stesso, inutile programma che interessa a 3 persone e mezza circa, okkupando ben 3 canali tipo reti unificate (neanche fosse il discorso del Presidente della Repubblica), RaiSport1 (57), RaiSport2 (58), RaiSportHD (557), ed è una cosa che succede spesso (anche le prove adesso), e noi paghiamo sempre.
Poi si vantano della loro scelta di programmi. Poi si vantano che è conveniente.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Crudelia Hamilton

Crudelia Demon... Crudelia Hamilton... Crudelia De moan... Crudelia, Crudelia De moron... 

the diva Lewis Hamilton fur. Rudy exactly explains the effect of the illuminati..........fear at first , then you get used to their power. Also feat. Mercedes illuminati triple logo

Monday, March 28, 2016

2016 Bahrain Grand Prix guide, Formula 1

SAKHIR - Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir, جائزة البحرين الكبرى (Bahrain Grand Prix). 
Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix preview, 1-3 April 2016. 
You can join the Facebook event here, also if you're not going there, 
just to remind you the hours of the F1 race on tv. 

British time: (Italy +1) 

free practice 1: 12:00-13:30 (1:30pm)
fp2: 16:00-17:30 

fp3: 13:00-14:00 
qualifying: 16:00-17:10 

race: 16:00 (local : 18:00)

investigation for Alonso crash

MELBOURNE - Ongoing investigatiiiion for broken SEAT causing the crash in Australia... we KNEW there was something strange in that accident... sounded like something masterplanned before, mediatic, to give attention to Formula 1's first GP on the media, using an "useless" team........ but important on the media... In fact, if you noticed, the titles on the media on Monday were like : "crash-packed GP" (crash packed?) ...they probably used the typical illuminati strategy and made an agreement (with money of course), so McLaren also had an excuse for what would've been a disappointing result...
Sure you might think this is fantasy but you shouldn't be surpised of anything, remember they are FUCKING ACTING.
After all, also Senna's incident was "built"...

2017 Formula 1 calendar

typical Las Vegas marriage? no, illuminati with F1. Bernie said Las Vegas has a contract...
sure Monza can't compete with that money. We only have history and more GPs than anyone else.
welcome to the new fake world buying children and no future, apart from a few rich ones, that's what the illuminati plan to do, reducing the populatiiiiiion. It's like trying to compete with a milllionaire man for a woman interested in money only... (if there are any women not interested in money...)
F1 in 2017 is gonna change a lot, also big tyres and bigger cars and going back to the fantastic 80's. We would even go back to the old qualifying with 12 laps and also old points 10-6-4-3-2-1. Many years have passed and the fans still can't remember all the new points.
There should be a change also for the circuits, it's not possible to change everything but there should be something new and still the direction back to the old times. 26 races, fuck the diva drivers moaning and having months of holidays with all the millions they get.
out : China, Bahrain and Baku fake Europe Grand Prix, no Sochi but a street circuit in Moscow. 5 GPs in the United States, Ecclestone would want that (promised one in California and it's years Port Imperial is postponed).
Holland had 30 races there. Italy "non lascia, raddoppia", Imola is history and they can't erase Monza, it's the circuit with the biggest number of races.
The sport would be how the vast majority of living people have known it

Australia Australia Melbourne (19 March)
South Africa South Africa Kyalami (26 March)
Arizona United States Phoenix (9 April)
Russia Russia Moscow (16 April)
San Marino San Marino Imola (30 April)
Spain Spain Barcelona (14 May)
Monaco Monaco Montecarlo (28 May)
Canada Canada Montreal (11 June)
New Jersey United States New York (18 June)
Austria Austria Red Bull Ring (2 July)
Great Britain United Kingdom Silverstone (9 July)
Hungary Hungary Hungaroring (23 July) 
Germany Germany Nürburgring (30 July)
Netherlands Paesi Bassi Zandvoort (6 August)
Czech Republic Cecoslovacchia Brno (20 August)
Belgium Belgium Spa-Francorchamps (27 August) 
Italy Italy Monza (10 September) / Nevada United States Caesars Palace
Singapore Singapore Singapore (24 September)
Malaysia Malaysia Sepang (1 October)
Japan Japan Suzuka (8 October)
Texas United States Austin (22 October)
California United States Long Beach (29 October)
Mexico  Mexico Mexico City (5 November)
Brazil Brazil Interlagos (12 November)
Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Yas Marina (26 November)
Indiana  Indianapolis (3 December)
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