Sunday, May 01, 2016

Russia GP, Hamilton fans in a coma

SOCHI - A recent photo of Shamilton's fans becoming mad.
Rosberg 7 wins in a row and Lewser's fanboys talk about luck, conspiracy, gifts and problems (so decide which one) ...losers rosiconi.
And they say he's a "cry baby" aha said by the diva fans, already in the psychiatric phase they see their problems in other people.
This time he moaned even about stewards.
It must be Mercedes's fault also all his bad starts.
Now suddenly the consipiracy exists.

both McLarens in the points!
but pretty shows how Mercedes (Shamilton from 10th to 2nd) are fighting against nobody,
if even McLaren can be 6th.

Typical double illuminati inculatiiiiiion for Ferrari (Vettel hit 2 times by Kvyat).
"...that's what you get by sleeping with PD." (the enemy)
"democrat"-demoCRAP politicised team
(elected without people voting, like all the illuminati prizes)

Please everybody re-write the Formula 1 history.
Lewser fans say McLaren 2008 and Mercedes 2014 were slow cars.
Yeah defo, a Manor and A Force India.
It's obviously all thanks to his illuminati genius of superior race.

Some F1 people "working" holding microphones & dicks (in fact they are in a relationship with mechanics, etc THAT's why they "work" in F1) are still moaning because they have to WORK catching a plane in the day of "bankholiday Monday"... bankholiday Monday?? holiday was yesterday 1 May even if it was Sunday, today the working people WORK.
They also moan because they have to "work" when it's sunny...
We propose you to work in a mine, so underground the weather doesn't matter, and maybe when you come out you also find a nice snow.
with MILLIONS of unemployed people also in Italy, these fucking people moan about "working" in Formula 1.

Shamilton was about to reach Verstappen at a certain point, I bet he wouldn't have been able to overtake him. Today for the first time Shamilton overtook Massa without any particular problem, usually he struggles.

more highlights soon

la Rai alla frutta... (hanno magnato abbastanza credo)
Mazzoni : "MAI è successo...anzi scusate, sempre"
"i pneumatichi" (Ingegner "Stello" Bruno, tutto un parentado)

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Russian GP, Hamilton no penalty

SOCHI - Small brains but full of rap music for idiots.

Obviously all the media are talking about the mechanical problems for Shamilton, to hide the fact he should've been disqualified in Q1 qualifying, 'cause he doesn't even know the rules of his "job". He didn't even slow down. His time was not valid and should've been cancelled, so he should've been 22nd. Jinx punishment : 10th on the grid.
Again no penalty for him (already happened also in 2016). They have different rules for him different man... "we are all the same but some are more the same" (communist Animal farm).
If Shamilton wasn't childish with Rosberg fighting for Q1 for nothing, he would've been calm and wouldn't have risked a penalty. He's nervous psychologically and always makes mistakes.
But it seems he knows he can do what he wants, the President protects him...

The masterpiece of the Shamilton's self-called "anti-racist" fanboys comments is :
Mercedes is making Rosberg win because he's German.
Yeah you know, in the past 2 years Mercedes was English.
Pathetic losers moaning diva Lewser comments.
But he pays no tax in England so maybe Mercedes was from some other country, no matter which one. Monaco, Switzerland, Africa, "because he's black", they say.
Also, Mercedes headquarters are in England.
Childish fanboys of Shamilton are abusing Mercedes on Twitter.
Says a lot about them.
I bet it's Mercedes' fault even that he wasn't able to have good starts in 2016.
Or it's just "bad luck", not that he wasn't able.
Always an excuse ready. That is always ready.


Shamilton said : A "bloody shield from the policeman, the riot shields, it's like a bloody riot shield."... no wonder Shamilton is a fucking communist.
"They could die at any moment'"?????? typical illuminati comment (like illuminati Noel Gallagher liking people dying....-> illuminati reduction of the population).
And the aeroscreen is for safety, good even if it looked bad. It's cool, looks like a convertible or an old war airplane. Idiot with no sense of cool. Said by Shamilton who dresses like an uncool asshole. Obviously all the blinded people say it sucks because he said so.
Mafia illuminati criminals in jail. He's a diva moaning about everything. This was another illuminati strategy to make people talk about him Lewser loser, media darling.

The most intelligent thing was said by De La Rosa, ex McLaren driver and test driver for many years.
Questioning the halo is a lack of respect.
Go learn something Shamilton.
With the halo, Senna wouldn't have been penetrated on the helmet by a wheel suspension like an "arrow" and wouldn't have died...........that was the reason.

QED quod erat demonstrandum.
Shamilton doesn't like the canopy-aeroscreen.
President Bernie Ecclestone doesn't like the canopy-aeroscreen.

(1 May day of workers)
let me say something communist (and Formula 1 clearly isn't supposed to be a communist world... even if communists are not really poor... see multi-multi-millionaire Shamilton)
I've seen there are F1 people (like : girls who just have to hold a microphone... it must be easy for some BITCH holding dicks) calling their job a WORK...
they should try to be a MINER... THAT is work.

more highlights soon
Per Mazzoni la Red Bull è una scuderia "anglo-tedesca"...
e col padre serbo-croato come Ajeje Brazorf.
Ovviamente Capelli ha difeso Shamilton. Non ha senso perchè non ha neanche rallentato.
Persino Mazzoni si è finalmente accorto di tutti gli errori di Shamilton...
D'accordo che prova il limite e li faceva anche Schumacher ma sono errori

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

2016 Russia Grand Prix guide, Formula 1

SOCHI - Sochi Autodrom, Russia. 
Гран-при России, Russian Formula One GP preview, 29 April-1 May 2016. 
You can join the Facebook event here, also if you're not going there, 
just to remind you the hours of the F1 race on tv. 
British time: (Italy +1) 

free practice 1: 8:00-9:30 
fp2: 12:00-13:30 (1:10pm)

fp3: 10:00-11:00 
qualifying: 13:00-14:10

race: 13:00 (local time: 15:00)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

China GP, Ronald Hamilton

SHANGHAI - The most common same old story in Formula 1 (F1 classics) : Lewser Shamilton struggling to overtake Massa on an much inferior car.
(ovviamente invece quelli della Rai poco prima lo esaltavano...)
Hamilton started the race from the bottom. How appropriate for an arse.
Also illuminati Noel Gallagher used to wear the high type of black Converse All Star, used by clowns.

Everybody delighted that all the drivers finished the race as if it was a positive thing...
the people want crashes, retirements, controversies, issues, cars burning, drivers coming out of the car and having a fight.

Rosberg wins the Chinese Grand Prix too, Vettel and Kvyat arguing.
Vettel overtook the McLaren and he loses pieces of the car ghghgh
still a jinx effect on them.

Magnussen didn't expect negative comment from his fans because he joked about McLaren... and he forgot he has some McLaren fans... don't worry kid, we already know you're an idiot.
You can only have fans among teenage girls "oh how beautiful he is" (really?) like one of the No Direction. Following F1 since 2014. A good company for the Shamilton's rap fans.

podium of the most irritating things :
1) the new fankids talking about F1
2) Massa talking in English (ciu ciu ciu ciu)
3) Shamilton talking.

There's one of those fangirls still moaning (of course with a lot of likes, as idiocy is very popular, like Shamilton with 4 million fans) about "beautiful" Fucking kid Magnussen not receiving a car from McLaren because of the insurance, but paying "old gits" Button and Alonso.
No Ecclestone, no rules, no Shamilton, nothing,
these fankids are the real ruin of this sport. Following F1 since 2014. Of course F1 is not even their main interest, but just 1 of many worlds where to do "fangirling". They don't know where to "throw their heads", Being rubbish.
Now stay away and go back to Justin Bieber.

more highlights soon

Prosegue l'effetto dell'Ufficio Sinistri : le Ferrari si sono colpite tra di loro.
Capelli esaltatissimo "che cosa ha fatto Hamilton all'esterno"... ha fatto che guida una Mercedes contro l'esordiente. Haas.
"Hamilton recita e al 90% non è credibile, per il resto dice cose intelligenti"
(Pino Allievi)
il grande Pino si è accorto che Hamilton vuole "recitare un ruolo che non è il suo". Esattamente quello che fanno gli illuminati. Cambiano personalità.
Nel frattempo Stella Bruno si fa prendere per il culo anche da Alvaro Vitali.
Mazzoni esaltatissimo diceva che sulle prime pagine dei giornali ci sarebbero state le Ferrari.
Per le prove libere? e poi i giornali non chiudono a tarda sera?
Dopo le qualifiche : ci saranno state le Ferrari sulle prime pagine dei giornali?
davanti persino la Red Bull e Rosberg.
Mazzoni eiaculatore precoce.

Monday, April 11, 2016

2016 China Grand Prix guide, Formula 1

SHANGHAI - Shanghai International Circuit, 中国大奖赛 
Chinese Formula One GP preview, 15-17 April 2016. 
You can join the Facebook event here, also if you're not going there, 
just to remind you the hours of the F1 race on tv. 

British time: (Italy +1) 

free practice 1: 3:00-4:30 
fp2: 7:00-8:30 

fp3: 5:00-6:00 
qualifying: 8:00-9:00 

race: 7:00 (local: 14:00)

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Bahrain GP, Hamilton loser

EL SAKHIR - Shamilton is not able to win, not even with all the help from his fanboy Ecclestone.
Rosberg winning, but they are acting, desperately faking to make Formula 1 exciting, in the end the sponsors pay.
They blamed Bottas and punished him with a penalty, because it was Shamilton. To hide the fact his start was bad.
Bottas could not disappear there, and leave space to the diva, who left "the door open".
It was never a penalty if it was the opposite... it's his political power...

How is it possible that H-aas (H hell gate) from America (where the illuminati are based) is doing great at their first year in F1 (just like white Brawn winning in their only 1 year), overtaking Williams and Red Bull, and McLaren with decades of experience, one of the best in history, is shite for years (2013-2014-2015-2016).
Nothing against Haas nor Americans (we even chose them for Fantasy GP, because we got there is something about them), but the fans are wondering why, and for the sport it's embarrassing.
Maybe FIA wants to tempt new ones to be involved in F1, investing money? the same Mercedes and Red Bull didn't exist for decades.
There is clearly something to do with money behind, in the Sport of Money...

The F1 fankids seem to be scared of adults.
Jenson outqualifying Vandoorne -> oh it's just free practice.
Vandoorne better than him in quali and race -> it's Button's fault. Vandoorne champion.
All because they're conscious their generation, out of F1, is rubbish.
They make people hate F1.

McLaren says Button could've finished 7th, Jenson says also 5th or 6th.
Of course no fankid says he was already ahead of Vandoorne...

Like an illuminati dictatorship, Bernie says "drivers shouldn't even be allowed to TALK"... agreed. His Shamilton more than anyone else.

There's a media journalist of British BBC, of course supporting Shamilton, who every time says huge bullshit, like one who knows nothing about F1, and was probably "borrowed" from some other sport. Now they even want to eliminate one between Jenson and Fernando, to replace them with Vandoorne. Quite idiotic to do that after this weekend.
They should sack many useless jounalists.

The Shamilton fanboys immediately ready to vomit on Rosberg because of Panama Papers.
As if Shamilton, the "proud Britishman", paid taxes in his own country, LOL.
And the whole Mercedes is involved.
They say you're a hater if you tell facts about him, and they are pole position haters for Rosberg.
I feel pity for them, they are victims of the media and behave like the illuminati blaming others (they don't even know)

Just a reminder, because the people seem to forget, blinded by the cinema illuminati.
The SPARKS you see ontrack, are FAKE, they were introduced some time ago to make fake F1 "spectacular", while in the 80s they were real in certain conditions, UNEXPECTED, and now there are continuous sparks as something normal.

more highlights to add soon
La sfiga dell'Ufficio Sinistri ancora all'opera sulla Ferrari...

Riuscire a fare una figura di merda con Ecclestone pur nel torto fino al collo :
Stella Bruno -> riuscita.

sottotitoli : Stella Bruno "commento TECNICO"?? Anche il mio gatto allora.

Cogliendo l'occasione del GP musulmano del Bahrain, abbiamo parlato con 3 illustri esponenti del collaborazionismo agli islamici.

1) L'islamico trapiantato in Italia con sua oscura "attività". Ad ascoltarlo, le restrizioni e il trattamento islamico delle donne sono cose che non lo riguardano minimamente, lui (lui) vive in un mondo libero dove "fai quello che vuoi". Siamo a posto. Se gli fai notare però che per molti suoi "fratelli musulmani" non è così, ti prende a insulti e fa strani e significativi riferimenti illuminati alle importanti "ricerche scientifiche"... Manicomio.

2) La giovane ragazza attraente (in questo caso straniera) che va nei loro paesi degli emirati a fare la prostituta (tipo harem), e sa le lingue perchè le servono per i clienti, se la ride di quelle cose islamiche che sono fandonie perchè noi le abbiamo lette "sull'internet"... E il vero scandalo sono le nostre donne nude sui giornali. Manicomio.

3) Lo studente pacifista comunista italiano, che dà la colpa di tutto ciò a Salvini. Noi siamo ignoranti e Gesù era un profeta dell'Islam (comunisti che parlano di Gesù? solo quando gli fa comodo). Giusto, bisognerebbe ricordarlo agli islamici... Difende l'islamico di cui sopra, che fa bene a insultarci e non parlare più. Se invece non gli parli più tu, siamo codardi. Qualcosa di simile all'odio islamico : va bene. Tutte le stragi di cristiani forse non sono successe davvero perchè le abbiamo lette "sull'internet"... Manicomio.

Colpa nostra insomma. Strategia illuminata di incolpare tutti gli altri. Invece le ragazze italiane pacifiste, poco attraenti, vanno in quei paesi a "salvare il mondo" (o meglio, godendo di farsi segretamente stuprare), tanto poi ci sono gli italiani che pagano il riscatto. Solo per i cittadini di Serie A (ovvero dell'Ufficio Sinistri).

Un bel quadretto, dove gli attentati non vengono macchè condannati, neanche nominati, e il vero problema sono le donne nude sulle riviste. Colpa di Berlusconi.

Allah al bar

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Alonso vs Herbert fight

AL SAKHIR - The most interesting "highlight" about Bahrain GP qualifying was... the Alonso retirement issue. 
"You ended up as a commentator because you were not a true champion." 
And being on Sky, a Shamilton fanboy. 

The majority of the people still follow Formula 1 because of the MEMORY of how it WAS. 
In fact, in 2017 they go backwards. 
If this sport was born today, not so many would follow. 
Never seen a sport so much in crisis and putting in doubt its own rules.

The new qualifying format confirms to be absolutely ridiculous. And the comments of the fans agree. The tv commentators say pole position and there is still the 3rd one to be eliminated, who could have another lap, and the 2nd even more time. Even free pratice is more exciting. Drivers are out of the cars even before elimination, and there is often only 1 car ontrack. They don't even try again. Claire Williams even said they sent out the cars for the good of the sport.
Ecclestone said there are some drivers moaning referring to Vettel (he hates Vettel), and his favourite Hamilton diva is the most moaning one.

Sulla Rai, già Mazzoni non capisce una mazza di quello che succede, pur avendo davanti computer, monitor e tutto, adesso hanno l'ordine dall'alto di fare i democratici e leggono i messaggi dei telespettatori (solo quelli che vogliono loro ovviamente, sennò sarebbero insulti e Madonne tirate giù), che non gliene frega a nessuno e lo distraggono ancora di più, e Capelli non gli risponde neanche.
"è la prima volta che un pilota belga affronta il Gran Premio del Belgio".
(Mazzoni, troppo avanti)

Friday, April 01, 2016

Bahrain, Vettel chocolate & vanilla

AL SAKHIR - F1 into gay marriages. It's not even necessary to create photomontages, there are actual photos of them embracing each other.
Free practice. Vettel against the qualifying format.
He probably meant to say the opposite, it was an allusiiiion... it's the other way round, Formula 1 sells know that one (typical cheeky illuminati) who says he's black and poor him, he had to work more than the others "because he's black"... like : being born inside McLaren, having champagne in a luxury hotel in London at 9 years old, having a fast car immediately and always, moaning for getting millions to travel around the world for the sponsors... great efforts... a real struggle for life... nobody in the world would do that, especially the "poor blacks" who have a dignity, unlike him. Hamilton is the shame & the sham for the blacks.
He's not even a real driver... .the illuminati are always a big bluff, through the media.

Marchionne tipico sfacciato illuminato (fanno apposta a fare gli stronzi per stare sui media e si fa il loro gioco) il presidente della Ferrari...
anche noi voteremmo Renzi (se si POTESSE votare) stando in America (base illuminati) da residente in Svizzera (base banche iluminati) e le tasse della Ferrari in Olanda... anche Shamilton fa discorsi sinistri e non paga le tasse nel suo paese e si dice addirittura orgoglione britannico...
solite facce di tolla. Poi questi sono quelli contro l'evasione fiscale.
Intanto continuano gli effetti dell'endorsement sinistro per la Ferrari...

La Rai ha trasmesso lo stesso, inutile programma che interessa a 3 persone e mezza circa, okkupando ben 3 canali tipo reti unificate (neanche fosse il discorso del Presidente della Repubblica), RaiSport1 (57), RaiSport2 (58), RaiSportHD (557), ed è una cosa che succede spesso (anche le prove adesso), e noi paghiamo sempre.
Poi si vantano della loro scelta di programmi. Poi si vantano che è conveniente.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Crudelia Hamilton

Crudelia Demon... Crudelia Hamilton... Crudelia De moan... Crudelia, Crudelia De moron... 

the diva Lewis Hamilton fur. Rudy exactly explains the effect of the illuminati..........fear at first , then you get used to their power. Also feat. Mercedes illuminati triple logo

Monday, March 28, 2016

2016 Bahrain Grand Prix guide, Formula 1

SAKHIR - Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir, جائزة البحرين الكبرى (Bahrain Grand Prix). 
Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix preview, 1-3 April 2016. 
You can join the Facebook event here, also if you're not going there, 
just to remind you the hours of the F1 race on tv. 

British time: (Italy +1) 

free practice 1: 12:00-13:30 (1:30pm)
fp2: 16:00-17:30 

fp3: 13:00-14:00 
qualifying: 16:00-17:10 

race: 16:00 (local : 18:00)

investigation for Alonso crash

MELBOURNE - Ongoing investigatiiiion for broken SEAT causing the crash in Australia... we KNEW there was something strange in that accident... sounded like something masterplanned before, mediatic, to give attention to Formula 1's first GP on the media, using an "useless" team........ but important on the media... In fact, if you noticed, the titles on the media on Monday were like : "crash-packed GP" (crash packed?) ...they probably used the typical illuminati strategy and made an agreement (with money of course), so McLaren also had an excuse for what would've been a disappointing result...
Sure you might think this is fantasy but you shouldn't be surpised of anything, remember they are FUCKING ACTING.
After all, also Senna's incident was "built"...

2017 Formula 1 calendar

typical Las Vegas marriage? no, illuminati with F1. Bernie said Las Vegas has a contract...
sure Monza can't compete with that money. We only have history and more GPs than anyone else.
welcome to the new fake world buying children and no future, apart from a few rich ones, that's what the illuminati plan to do, reducing the populatiiiiiion. It's like trying to compete with a milllionaire man for a woman interested in money only... (if there are any women not interested in money...)
F1 in 2017 is gonna change a lot, also big tyres and bigger cars and going back to the fantastic 80's. We would even go back to the old qualifying with 12 laps and also old points 10-6-4-3-2-1. Many years have passed and the fans still can't remember all the new points.
There should be a change also for the circuits, it's not possible to change everything but there should be something new and still the direction back to the old times. 26 races, fuck the diva drivers moaning and having months of holidays with all the millions they get.
out : China, Bahrain and Baku fake Europe Grand Prix, no Sochi but a street circuit in Moscow. 5 GPs in the United States, Ecclestone would want that (promised one in California and it's years Port Imperial is postponed).
Holland had 30 races there. Italy "non lascia, raddoppia", Imola is history and they can't erase Monza, it's the circuit with the biggest number of races.
The sport would be how the vast majority of living people have known it

Australia Australia Melbourne (19 March)
South Africa South Africa Kyalami (26 March)
Arizona United States Phoenix (9 April)
Russia Russia Moscow (16 April)
San Marino San Marino Imola (30 April)
Spain Spain Barcelona (14 May)
Monaco Monaco Montecarlo (28 May)
Canada Canada Montreal (11 June)
New Jersey United States New York (18 June)
Austria Austria Red Bull Ring (2 July)
Great Britain United Kingdom Silverstone (9 July)
Hungary Hungary Hungaroring (23 July) 
Germany Germany Nürburgring (30 July)
Netherlands Paesi Bassi Zandvoort (6 August)
Czech Republic Cecoslovacchia Brno (20 August)
Belgium Belgium Spa-Francorchamps (27 August) 
Italy Italy Monza (10 September) / Nevada United States Caesars Palace
Singapore Singapore Singapore (24 September)
Malaysia Malaysia Sepang (1 October)
Japan Japan Suzuka (8 October)
Texas United States Austin (22 October)
California United States Long Beach (29 October)
Mexico  Mexico Mexico City (5 November)
Brazil Brazil Interlagos (12 November)
Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Yas Marina (26 November)
Indiana  Indianapolis (3 December)

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Australia GP, Toro Rosso > Hamilton

MELBOURNE - The only one not answering on the grid was : the diva Shamilton.
learn some manners, asshole.
you're a driver like anyone else, you're even worse than many.

this had to be done on the podium, but because the driver of the day wasn't Shamilton, it wasn't done (he wins prizes only when the people can't vote... typical illuminati).
Just like they gave the prize for Rosbger's pole positions a little bit late...

start of the race.
KARMA punished Shamilton (divine justice against the illuminati).
then the same old story : Shamilton struggling to overtake Massa in a much inferior car.
Now even both Toro Rosso aka Minardi.
Ferrari better than Mercedes.
Terrible crash for McLaren's Alonso with Gutierrez.
Podium : Rosberg winning, the fans booed Hamilton.
If the people prefer one who really sucks like Rosberg, it's really serious for Shamilton.

more to add soon and highlights video

il commento tecnico dell'incidente da parte del Muppet Show Rai :
brutto brutto brutto brutto bruttissimo brutto brutto... ecc.
(pensavamo fosse bello)
condito da solita dislessia di Ivan Capelli : sembra sia spezzata la scoSSa (scocca)
Non ci azzeccano mai. Quasi bello perchè spettacolare e senza conseguenze. La McLaren dà comunque spettacolo.
La loro telecronaca è brutta brutta brutta bruttissima brutta ecc

Primi effetti dell' "endorsement" di Renzi per la Ferrari (diteglielo che ormai non è quasi italiana e paga le tasse in Olanda). Come tutte le cose, Expo, ecc, lui non ha fatto niente ma si è preso i meriti.
Sfiga ed errori a manetta.

Secondo i media italiani, nello specifico anche il comunista Terruzzi che fa i soldi con Senna, e la Peroni (no, Terruzzi non fa i soldi con la Peroni aha), la Ferrari oggi non ha vinto per colpa di Alonso.
Che evidentemente gli ha fatto cannare strategia, gomme, errore ai box ed errore nella curva.
Classico scaricabarile illuminato, colpa del governo precedente.
Ero quasi dispiaciuto perchè oggi meritavano di più e pensavo vincessero, ma dopo aver sentito l'ignoranza della gente in giro, gli sta bene

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Australia GP, fake new quali

MELBOURNE - Wow so many surprises and excitement in these "completely changed new quali"... just like Bernie Ecclestone the President friend of Lewis Shamilton promised... they sound like politicians...
what a huge crescendo... Bernie the 86 year old probably fell asleep on the sofa and didn't notice... even no action at all in the final minutes...but yeah something changed: last year Hamilton often took the pole position, now it's sure he takes it in this boredom.
Changing yes : getting worse. So frustrating, even according to the teams. I wonder how it's possible to be satisfied winning this way... must have no sport sense.
All is typically calculated on purpose, masterplanned before, for this : see, we completely changed everything, and our media darling Shamilton is still the best. How difficult, driving a car of a different planet against nobody. Keep on doing bullshit around the world, so they'll say again : DESPITE all these activities, he's superman (the truth is : he wins BECAUSE of all the bullshit around him).
I wonder if there are still people who really like him or they just want to defend their idea ruled by the illuminati. He's really not funny at all and unpleasant.

The media (slaves of the illuminati, they get paid) are even saying "ALL changes", "COMPLETELY different", "ALL A NEW challenge"... hilarious (for the people who are not blinded).
Sky journalists fans of Hamilton were over-excited for Rosberg going a bit offtrack... as if it was thanks to the new rules...
They planned to confuse the people so to worry them and keep them entertained, while nothing really changes.
The only entertainment is when they announce the changes that won't be real changes.
It could also happen that it's worse (at least it was that more than one car was eliminated per time).
There might be something different if someone has some problem, but that has always happened.
How sadly these qualifying ended.

All these BIG CHANGES FOR THE SHOW are fake, just like fake is this illuminati sham Formula 1.
Don't make them fool you. KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN.
bring down the F1 government, they don't speak for us.

L'unico "concitato" per le nuove qualifiche è... è...
Non avevamo dubbi che non capisce mai un cazzo.
Di solito si "concita" con la banana Chiquita.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Australia GP, same old illuminati SHamilton

MELBOURNE - It's compensated by the media noticing him too much.

This is a very typical illuminati strategy (we already seen in illuminati clowns like Noel Gallagher), typically masterplanned before. Is this supposed to be a SPORT or what? gossip? just business?
illuminati media darling Lewis Shamilton (not really from shame but sham = fake) is continuously on the illuminati media because of bullshit, now the glasses he wears (it's all a provocatiiiion, can you imagine, a driver who can't see well... like a referee who can't see well), and he himself says not because he can't see well (on the contrary he said he can see the DOUBLE - typical illuminati) but for VANITY... so all the BLINDED audience will think : oh he's so HONEST...
(he ADMITS is the magic word)
All to underline how he's a superman... oh sure...
The reputatiiiion in all this illuminati system is fundamental
(it makes more money, basis of the illuminati). Receiving prizes without people voting, winning with no rivals, telling lies, etc all the illuminati scheme.
He can wear all the glasses in the world but it doesnt make him more intelligent to us.

Free practice. So to be honest, if it was Shamilton making one of his usual mistakes, we would've made fun of him.
It was Rosberg now, the crash shows how he really sucks, and Shamilton is fighting against nobody.
And they still make comparisons with the couple Senna-Prost... hilarious.

Mazzoni finge di fare il moralista commentando le ultime BRAVATE (come le chiama) di Shamilton, che servono solo ad alimentare il cocco dei media illuminati, e rimarcando ancora il look da rapper e la catena. In realtà Mazzoni fa parte del sistema che vuole creare scalpore per cose ridicole da pagliacci. Che è quello che sono gli illuminati.
praticamente Mazzoni ha passato le due sessioni di prove libere prendendo per il culo Hamilton... in una maniera sospetta, ossia architettata... Lo ha reso quasi simpatico... il telefonino, gli occhiali, il rapper, la catena, il litigio coi gestori, le copertine, le discoteche... E la grande conclusione : eh però NONOSTANTE tutto questo, vince. Un'impresa ardua. PROPRIO perchè fa tutte quelle cose vince in questo mondo.
Niente da fare per la McLaren neanche quest'anno.
Mazzoni ce l'ha gufata già 2 volte in pochi minuti, "speriamo che la McLaren abbia risolto...", ma cosa gliene frega a lui che ci ha sempre odiato, tipico gufo (simbolo degli illuminati).
Ipocrisia a manetta. Vuole lo spettacolo con tutti... ma solo per avere più ascolti in Rai...
"Quest'anno avremo un SOUND..." ma come cazzo parla, mica è Lapo Elkann.
Prima macchina in pista, primo errore di Mazzoni. Dovrebbe essere Raikkonen... no, aveva il 50% di azzeccare. Provi col Totocalcio che così ha lo 0,0000000...

I've dreamt of the GP, I'm trying to remember all the details.
Ricciardo retired, in fact I met him at the bar and the people didn't notice him, so I told them : autographs! ghghgh he's a driver! LOL ...not a comedian (and he was like : no leave me alone aha)
I think Ferrari was 1st but Shamilton was recovering

Friday, March 11, 2016

2016 Australian Grand Prix guide, Formula 1

MELBOURNE - Albert Park F1 circuit, Melbourne. Australia Formula One GP preview, 18-20 March 2016.
You can join the Facebook event here, also if you're not going there, just to remind you the hours of the F1 race on tv. 

British time: (Italy +1) 

free practice 1: 1:30-3:00 
fp2: 5:30-7:00 

fp3: 3:00-4:00 
qualifying: 6:00-7:00 

race 5:00 (local : 16:00)

the 2010 Australian GP (his first race with McLaren), won by Button (as in 2009 and 2012)

Friday, March 04, 2016

Barcelona tests, Hamilton moaning

Shamilton slams the new 'halo' safety feature on the Ferrari calling it the worst looking modification in F1 history.
As always, he has no knowledge of Formula 1 history.
Clearly just another illuminati strategy to be on the media. We would call it the best looking modification in F1 history, but being an illuminati double cheeky bastard and being a Mercedes creation, he probably meant the opposite.
The illuminati want to REDUCE the population, that's why he doesn't like something to be safer.
And something new : he also MOANED about the whole F1. Sure it will be a better place when he's out of it.
All to sound heroic, he wins even if doesn't like it. He's doing us a favour.

He should save some poor abandoned dog, not those fat fucks with money coming out of their arse hole. Buying illuminati "elite race" dogs like gays like Vendola like communists buying children and people with our money. They also take money from old pensioners to give it to those sick perverts. SHOULD GET ARRESTED. Trump for President

big news on the illuminati media :
Shamilton flew across the Atlantic and then across America to attend Elton John’s AIDS Foundation’s Oscar Viewing Gala.
As if Bin Laden had a Terrorism Victims Foundation Gala.

more to add soon

OH NOOOOOO ghghghgh 
that's what you get by moaning all the time. 
Remember what you said about Schumacher's accident : "everything happens for a reason"!

Hamilton esci na foto della Mercedes rotta, fa' passare na bella serata a questa gente, non si divertono mai ghghghgh
BRAAAAVOOO Hamilton, dev'essere stato difficile vincere. 
Alla fine gli lancia l'HALO ahahahaha
sui "social" la Mercedes con le nuove appendici aerodinamiche nei giorni scorsi veniva proprio messa a fianco di "bellissimi mostri". Come Monster il loro sponsor.

La Rai rimarca per ben due volte che la bionda (Lindsey Vonn) è amica di Shamilton, a loro piacciono i video interracial con bionde e mandinghi su YouPorn. A noi no, eppure li paghiamo noi. Dev'essere stato un altro ordine dall'alto... Loro sono quelli antirazzisti e però rimarcano sempre di che razza sono...
Che storia antirazzista commovente. Sono anche poveri.

tv nazionale, Rai2, RaiSport con grande entusiasmo da telecronista figo : "e vi ricordiamo! il primo gran premio! in DIRETTA! alle ore 14:00!"
... ahahahaha ma quale razza di gente possono ancora attrarre.
Forse i profughi che pretendono Sky, tanto glielo paghiamo noi che non ce l'abbiamo.
Cambio di programma in F1 : il Gran Premio d'Australia sarà notturno

Monday, February 22, 2016

F1 tests & Ashcroft

new song This is how it feels by Richard Ashcroft out today 22 February, start of Formula 1 tests in Barcelona, with McLaren number 22 and Honda engine RA616H. 
Old photo @ Barcelona circuit. 
New album on 20 May, that is when McLaren's first F1 weekend started 50 years ago @ Montecarlo, 22 May 1966

Saturday, February 20, 2016

anticipation new McLaren 2016 MP4-31 Honda

preview hours before the launch

Friday, January 08, 2016

Australian Grand Prix 2016 soundtrack

Burger Wave are some bars about Australia in Milan, Italia

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Canada Grand Prix 2016 soundtrack

secondo RaiSport, oggi è il 29° compleanno di Shamilton.
L'hanno detto proprio al Tg su Rai2... notiziona fondamentale per i fanboys.
Si sa che loro hanno teste ritardate di almeno un paio d'anni.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Formula 1 2016 soundtrack

some songs also chosen by Sky F1 UK

Monday, November 30, 2015

Button : Alonso better than Hamilton

ABU DHABI - Only an idiot can use a mobile phone while driving... especially in a city, especially in Monaco, where one must be careful... congratulations, role model for millions...

Jenson Button always against "arrogant Hamilton", and he knows him very well.
Asked to compare his experience of racing with Alonso this year to Hamilton in 2010-2012, Button replied: "It's a bigger challenge. A more consistent challenge. He's always there. Before this season, Alonso was regarded as the best driver in Formula 1. It's amazing how quickly people forget."

Shamilton's world champion is not regular. His Mercedes engine at the American Grand Prix in Austin wasn't regular, and following the rules, his title should be cancelled.
But as always, the rules are different for him.
Volkswagen, Germanwings, Germany 2006... do you still think ze Germanz are perfect.

Jenson also said Shamilton has no friends in F1... oh wondering why... he's a cunt.

"I still have to practise, he is 3 times world champion, me only 2"
(Hakkinen mocking Shamilton)

Thursday, November 26, 2015

2015 Abu Dhabi GP guide, Formula 1

ABU DHABI - Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi, UAE United Arab Emirates Formula One GP. 
أبوظبي سباق الجائزة الكبرى (Abu Dhabi Grand Prix), 27-29 November 2015. 
You can join the Facebook event here, also if you're not going there, 
just to remind you the hours of the GP on tv. 

British time: (Italy +1) 

free practice 1: 9:00-10:30
fp2: 13:00-14:30 

fp3: 10:00-11:00 
qualifying: 13:00-14:10

race: 13:00
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