Sunday, May 30, 2010

Red Bull gives you wings (if you don't crash them on your friend :)

ISTANBUL - Turkey Grand Prix, 1st and 2nd Hamilton & Button, on McLaren. 
Red Bull drivers quarrel, Ferrari drivers quarrel, the best couple is only McLaren's!!!!! 
Mark Webber is a shite driver, and we already knew. Vettel was overtaking him, and they crashed their cars together: Vettel out, Webber survived. Two pricks. Prik Webber.
Vettel made the gesture to say: is he crazy?
Similar story for sad Ferrari in low positions, with that terrible driver called Alonso, throwing out a weak french car of a rookie driver to overtake.
Hamilton and Button had a hard battle during the final part of the race, but they get on well together, also in the interest of the team, they're not idiots as the other couples.
Ferrari sei una tristezza!!

an ironic and beautiful "Spread your wings"
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