Sunday, August 29, 2010

please stop the "phenomenal" German Vettel

SPA - I'd like to know where all the people speaking about a "wonder boy" called Vettel have gone. Wonder? Disaster. He's not able to do the main thing in this sport: overtake. Weeks ago, he tried to overtake his team mate, but for Vettel the verb "to overtake" = "to hit" the other car on its side, that is a nonsense, it really seems he wants to hit it, to put it outside the race. The same today, against Button. So he was punished with a "drive-through", but he should be somehow disqualified for the next race here in Italy, with a penalty. And then, as justice strikes again, he had another accident with the Italian Liuzzi near the pit lane, but Vettel was late and he had to drive a whole lap without a tyre. In Milan dialect we say: San Giuàn fà minga ingàn. Saint John, no deception :)
Hamilton risked a lot (he reminded me of Schumacher when he used to win risking), I think he didn't pay enough attention when he was speaking on the radio, but at the end he won and now he's first again in the championship. After a difficult first part of the season, he deserves to be world champion again. He's the biggest talent, in fact he was the youngest world champion.
Come on McLaren lads, we wait for you in Milan in two weeks. There'll be also a "walk about" where we can meet them. Today on Italian tv there was Jenson and Jessica at the computer, saying "say ciao" :)
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