Thursday, September 09, 2010

Monza 2010, day 1

MONZA - Walk about, some pics. One of the best days ever, as Oasis said: the lil tings they make me so happy :). 
Tomorrow again! (at dawn) 
I saw Jessica outside and Jenson was almost knocking us down with his car, so as a vengeance I wanted to take a paparazzi pic of the two together again :D 

read well: NUMBER 1
some legends, Button, Valentino Rossi, Schumacher, etc.
I didn't care about autographs,
as Oasis said: they make me laugh, I'll give them my autograph :D

Phil Collins, Another day in Paradise: this morning I woke up with the radio playing this tune, reminds me of me child

Button's father, then we joked with him
all the girls inside Monza circuit were so kind with me :D

Vitantonio Liuzzi
I hate Ferrari, especially their drivers
Schumacher came out to say hello
Poles... There were many, they made a lot of noise, as they were clearly drunk.
Also the Spanish were very noisy.

Lewis is so lovely!
He recently covered Oasis' Wonderwall by guitar (Button singing :)
All the Italians went to Ferrari box, me to McLaren :D
There were many English people, they thought I was English for my look :D
One of the best things is to see the love of tifosi, there were also Italians for McLaren.
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