Tuesday, September 07, 2010

win 2 days @ Monza

MILAN – It’s some time we don’t publish a competition, so here it is.
Formula 1 fever is growing, ‘cause the challenge is so close with some drivers who can win the championship this year, never felt so excited for the Grand Prix. Today McLaren even named Italians 'cause they know we love England and support them. Italians supporting Ferrari is a stereotype :)
In the end Ferrari is just a brand, and it doesn’t represent Italy, they even have foreign drivers, to sell cars abroad...

Answer the following question and send it to marco@miamilan.com

From Thursday, during this weekend in Milan there will be some exciting events: meeting the drivers, going around the big park of the circuit, Sterophonics concert, AC Milan new dream team to see (first game with Ibra&Robinho too), etc.

Which Oasis song has been recently covered by McLaren drivers Hamilton (playing guitar) and Button (singing) ?

a) Wonderwall
b) Supersonic
c) All around the world


another English car, Wil-LIAMs :), well now Nico Rosberg drives a Mercedes, ex Brawn

love is blind :) 
Italian accent :), his girlfriend studied here in Milan and he's got friends from here.
They say he’s sweet. Yes, because he speaks English with Italian accent :)
I drove some cars on this circuit, know every corner as my pockets since I was a child.
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