Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jessica in Italy again

COMO & MILAN - Our muse Jessica Michibata.
When you're a tourist you might find people who try to cheat you, for example giving you simple mozzarella at the high price of mozzarella di bufala. If you don't know the difference, they can cheat you. They cheat tourists especially in Venice (terrible thieves), for example with the Japanese. Sometimes I joke with foreign people who visit me, I put salt on mozzarella and say: now it's bufala! ahaha

Como lake near Milan where Liam & Beady Eye always go (and also Button), it's the romantic place of the main Italian love story "I promessi sposi" (The betrothed) by Manzoni (with happy ending, unlike Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet), at theatre in Milan again in December (see here), while in June it was at San Siro stadium
do you feel hungry now? :) That was my purpose :)
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