Sunday, June 19, 2011

Button with ex caught by paparazzi

LOS ANGELES - Gossip, caught by the beady eye of paparazzi: here is Jenson Button and his ex-girlfriend Louise Griffiths sharing a laugh over lunch. They must have been reminiscing about the cheesy photoshoots and the tangerine suit the F1 star wore when they were dating in 2003. Their relationship ended just 3 months before the wedding.
The McLaren driver, currently seeing half-Japanese model Jessica Michibata (the couple was in crisis last year and split), was in LA on a stag do with his mates when he bumped into his ex.
By the look on her chops she might still be holding a flame for him. Actually, it's more of a raging inferno.
The former Fame Academy contestant is now a songwriter based in the States.
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