Sunday, June 26, 2011

L'Angelo Misterioso, Formula 1 fan

LIVERPOOL - Everybody knows John Lennon is Liam Gallagher's idol, some even say he thinks to be him, but it's not true. When asked about his favourite song, album, etc., it's always something by George Harrison (or maybe naming one by the Beatles was just too obvious), Liam even said he's inspired by his style (for Pretty Green clothes too). As album, the triple All things must pass (nothing ever lasts forever lol), and as song Something (Beatles times), the biggest love song ever, also according to the Italian origins legend Frank Sinatra.
Liam on All things must pass: "That’s the best post-Beatles album. We all like it and that, but that was the best sounding fucking one. It’s got tunes that make me cry."
And sometimes he also says, e.g. at the end of a Twitter twit: "Beware of darkness", as the song by George.
Noel Gallagher probably took the word Wonderwall from the psychedelic "Wonderwall music" soundtrack by George: he was also a film producer, as Liam will be soon, about the Beatles. It would be great to make a psychedelic film, I have some ideas thanks to Beady Eye's psychedelic Wigwam too.
Harrison driving a 1961 Lotus on Donington circuit in 1979
Harrison was the most psychedelic, India-influenced and mysterious Beatle, in a way (because introvert), and introduced the Indian sitar instrument in the Beatles music, also played by Oasis in songs as To be where there's life. Oasis also covered a Beatles song by George, Within you without you.
A curiosity: the song "Badge", co-written with Eric Clapton (they formed a close friendship in the late 1960s), was released on Cream's Goodbye album in 1969: George also played rhythm guitar on the song, and for contractual reasons, he was required to use the pseudonym "L'Angelo Misterioso" in Italian.
Pattie Boyd was wife of both George and Eric. She has claimed that she was the inspiration for love songs written by both musicians (but they didn't always agree): Harrison's "Something", "For You Blue", etc., and Clapton's "Layla", "Wonderful Tonight" and "Bell Bottom Blues".
Harrison had an interest in sports cars and motor racing. He was one of the 100 people who purchased the McLaren F1 road car, and would often attend Formula One races. He had collected photos of racing drivers and their cars since he was young: when he was 12 he attended his first race, the 1955 British Grand Prix at Aintree, in which Stirling Moss won his first Grand Prix. He wrote "Faster" as a tribute to the Formula One racing drivers Jackie Stewart and Ronnie Peterson. Proceeds from its release went to the Gunnar Nilsson cancer charity, set up following the Swedish driver's death from the disease in 1978. Harrison's first "important" car was recently sold at auction in Battersea Park, London. The 1964 Aston Martin DB5 was bought new and delivered to Harrison personally in 1965 at his Kinfauns estate in Esher, Surrey, England.
When I was a kid my favourite Beatle was Paul McCartney, 'cause he was the first one I've seen (and also met when we organized Literature Prizes, he also wrote poems), from Michael Jackson's duets in the '80s. And Paul had a pretty funny face, the girls liked him, so it was easy for a kid to take him as favourite one.
From George in those years I remember "I got my mind set on you", funny video for a kid.
But since I started to have a deep knowledge of the Beatles, I can say George is my favourite: the vast majority of their songs were "Lennon/McCartney", but his (22 in total) songs with them (also, Here comes the sun, While my guitar gently weeps, etc., and as solo artist My sweet lord, Wah wah, etc.), are precious stones in music history.

very Richard Ahscroft, and very thin

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