Sunday, July 31, 2011

Button still speeding, Vettel overrated

BUDAPEST - At his 200th Grand Prix, Jenson Button won the Hugarian race, a bit wet as his first win in Formula 1, Hungary 2006.
I had told you: sack Lewis Hamilton. The only great driver is Button, all the others were driving more on the grass as lawnmowers... You can see the great driver when the conditions are difficult (not a case that Senna was great under the rain), and this season Button also won an impossible Canada GP. Today's mixed conditions are even worse. And his strategies are always different and perfect.
As I said time ago, Vettel is so overrated... now you can see he was always winning thanks to the car.
I was happy that Lewis won last week in Germany, but as usual he has no fair play and got a "drivethrough" penalty when he could win and it would have been a double for McLaren.
Now one month of holidays for the drivers.
- 40 days to Monza, can't wait.

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