Sunday, September 11, 2011

Monza day 2 & 3 @ temple of speed

MONZA - It's so hot that we got tanned more in 2 days than in 2 months of holidays. I'm burning.
Here are 2 other videos, not so clear because too sunny (41°C on the track), so on Sunday I must use another camera, and zoom all my photos.
We found the people of last year (then Monza park is not so huge :) as it is) and stayed in the most dangerous places (it's closer than it seems). Now it's time for an exciting race. 
Photo: the kid scratching his balls ahahaha
I noticed Ferrari fans are sick. They're all Ferrari-dressed, even the shoes.
About the noise, it's unbearable. I noticed that if you don't look at the track and think about something else, the noise even hurts you, you get a headache. So it means that when you watch, the brain helps bearing the noise.
There's still the smell of fuel, food and suntan cream: those are the best smells. Many people like the smell of fuel, and of course food and the sun.

at the beginning: Ross Brawn from Manchester

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