Sunday, September 25, 2011

sack Lewis Hamilton

SINGAPORE - (Photo with Szonja, the blonde). Great race for Button, as usual. 2nd the whole race and at the end he was gaining SECONDS in every lap, and marked an incredible fastest lap of the whole Gp. And now even moved to 2nd place in the championship table, who would've thought.
And on the contrary, of course, usual rubbish race for Hamilton, as almost always. What is he thinking of ? women? Now I'm even more tired of him, as it seems he blames the team. Terrible start because he stayed behind Webber (how can you stay behind that one... of course you lose positions), from 4th to 8th (!), again behind Schumacher. Then, Hamilton couldn't overtake Massa (!) and hit the Ferrari, so both had to stop. But Hamilton didn't stop immediately, did he realise he had an accident? Fucking hell. He didn't even have part of the front wing! Of course he was also punished and had a "drive through" penalty. Through the car radio he asked if they were fighting against Kobayashi (!) ...oh yes, because you're an idiot, I would've answered. Luckily for him, the safety car then entered so he could overtake the weak cars. He's become an unbearable driver. People saying he was the new Senna, must be drunk.

Spassoso Pino Allievi (che, a ragione, è stato l'unico a criticare Hamilton), che avendo imparato dal telecronista Mazzoni, parla di gossip: la famiglia di Vettel, "non ho visto la sorella" ghghgh
Ma arriva l'esperto di pettegolezzi, vai Gianfranco: "Button ha preso casa a Tokyo perchè passa lunghi periodi in Giappone..." eeeeh sì, cosa farà mai in questi lunghi periodi... (Jessica)
Non poteva non dire le solite boiate del giorno: "Schumacher è stato sorpassato da Hamilton.... (pochi secondi dopo) No scusate, è Hamilton che ha sorpassato Schumacher" (che vuol dire la stessa cosa) e no, Schumacher ha passato Hamilton quindi Hamilton è dietro (chi non vorrebbe un cretino come telecronista?)

with the "5th driver" widget on the right column you can even see telemetry and pit messages with the McLaren drivers during the races

n.3 ring circus for Hamilton, n.4 letter word for Button :)
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