Thursday, October 20, 2011

F1 memories: Monaco 1993

MONTECARLO - Adriane Galisteu was Senna's new girlfriend at those times. We were there that year (and also came back another time in that period), I found these old pics, and we have more. And also drove on that legendary circuit anticlockwise, lol.
On Thursday (you know, no Formula 1 on Friday in Monaco, the prince must sleep :), it was raining and (quite strange) Senna had a bad accident, so for the qualifying & race his hand was bandaged. And the super Williams by Prost was one second faster : you know, those were the times of so much electronics on the cars, so the driver was less important. The situation for Senna was very difficult, but this was Montecarlo... everything could happen.
Nobody could expect this, Prost the bastard made a false start, so he got a penalty (10 seconds of stop&go). As already happened some weeks before, in the legendary (Europe) GP in Donington, England (with Senna overtaking some cars under the rain in the first lap, becoming first), Prost made the car turn off and was 22th. So, Schumacher was first, but then retired for a mechanical problem.
Prost was one lap late, when Ayrton was about to lap him, the french didn't let him pass... Ayrton protested with his hand against him, then overtook him. Of course Ayrton won (and so he was incredibly first in the drivers standings), 6th win for him in Monaco (it's still the record).

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