Saturday, October 15, 2011

McLaren 700 GPs, Marco 500 GPs, stay young and invincible

YEONGAM - McLaren celebrates their 700th Formula 1 race this weekend in Korea. Founded at the Beatles times in 1963, they started to race in F1 in 1966. Ferrari in 1929 (but really from 1939) and in F1 from the beginning, 1950, but in a comparison Ferrari-McLaren the percentage for number of GPs / races won, is similar.

Asked by McLaren which was his favourite race, Marco answered:
"My favourite McLaren race is always the last one, 'cause I love McLaren always more and more. It's about 3 decades I'm following you (when Jenson was born :), so for me it's something like the 500th GP :). I'm always meeting my favourite Jenson, his race in Canada this year was the best one I've ever seen. From Italy, in spite of Ferrari :), thank you for the good times".

In the first years of F1 there were a few races and time ago about 16 per year, now they're always more, so I can say that I've seen about half the races in the whole F1 history.
It seems I'm fucking old, lol, no, Noel Gallagher is. Hahah. Liam has always a very young spirit, and I'm much younger than him, so I'm not worried about age :) and I look very young.
It seems that Noel is young only in his Adidas shoes :), because Liam said they shouldn't be used by people from about 30 years old. Well, I do use them :)
In 1997 Noel wrote the great song Stay Young (and invincible, come what may we're unstoppable, my faith's unshakeable), but he didn't like it. Of course Liam loved it, me too.
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