Saturday, October 29, 2011

mod job for girls

MILAN - I know this is not about cars, but I post something here too, because of Simoncelli, and because this is not really about motorbikes, but about girls :). I don't really care about motorbikes...
You remember the Eicma motorbikes exhibition, my sister organizes that event again and she needs girls to work, but they must be quite thin (38-40 Italian size dress), around 10-13 November @ Fiera Rho. Also many foreign girls work for this. 

McLaren Marlboro colours :), Paul Weller & Kelly Jones (Stereophonics), Call me n.5

(8-9 November for journalists), 10 to 13 November, the 69th (nice number :) EICMA motorbikes exhibition (or : women exhibition :)), as in the past years.
Already an event for November, so the girls can prepare to work there. And people can plan travels (I know English people who even came to Milan just for single car events).
Of course there are all kinds of motorbikes, but we mods (we are mods we are mods we are we are we are mods) are especially interested in Milano Lambretta (name from the river Lambro) and Vespa, that is also in Liam Gallagher's Pretty Green shops.
It's in the same place where Oasis had to perform their last concert ever (fiera Milano-Rho, Expo 2015), Oasis gig now possibly in 2015 as it had to be.
Girls enter for free on Friday 11. My sister is one of the girls working there so I enter for free, so I'm a girl too, lol.
This year it will be dedicated to Marco Simoncelli.

Going places (once also covered with Beady Eye's Gem Archer)

The Jam, English rose

...I could add a thousand songs... The Kinks, The Who, etc.
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