Sunday, October 09, 2011

new rule: you can push the other cars to the grass

SUZUKA - Breaking news. New rule in Formula 1: you can now push the other cars to the grass.
That's what Vettel did at the start against Button, and of course he should have had a penalty. Of course he didn't have.
What kind of world champions is this? The most overrated one. The one who makes so many mistakes when it rains while great drivers as Button make miracles.
Vettel, driving a perfect car (by the Englishman Adrian Newey, ex McLaren), clearly has a good reputation and the judges probably think he can't make mistakes, he can't be dishonest.
Oh something new: Hamilton hit Massa again.
Come on Japan, come on Jenson, he's 1st now! stronger than injustice!
And he won the Japanese race!
Before the race I predicted: "Jenson without a doubt".
At the end, half joking, Jenson asked Vettel if he didn't see him...

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