Sunday, November 27, 2011

stop using Senna helmets

INTERLAGOS - Shame on you! Just accept it: you'll never have even a nail of Senna.
Hamilton? Don't make me laugh, you've seen Senna on old videos only.
He's 4th today on the grid: Senna helmet still not working eh...
Also Barrichello wearing that helmet that only Senna could wear, in my opinion.
Then, what is this thing of everybody celebrating Vettel 15 pole positions in a season? What kind of record is that? Of course he could do that, he's got a perfect car... I would like to see him driving another one. And, the races are about 19 this year, in F1 history they were 6 in the Fifties, 10 in the Sixties, 16 from the Eighties, of course they had no chance to have 15 pole positions.

The race started and, as usual, both Hamilton and Barrichello lost positions... Senna helmet still not working.
Hamilton is still not able to overtake Massa (who is not exactly Senna...), Senna helmet still not working. Then he retired. Senna helmet still not working.

Il "telecronista" (è un complimento) Mazzoni ogni volta confonde Hamilton con Button, e c'è una bella differenza... Nei primi giri delle gare crede sempre che Button sia Hamilton, e deve sempre aspettare la grafica sulla tv per saperlo. Non era neanche difficile, visto che Hamilton perde sempre posizioni.
Poi continuava a confondere i nomi di Massa e Alonso (anche lì, bella differenza), e il capolavoro: "oggi sono bloccato su questo"...magari fosse solo oggi e solo questo, sei la disgrazia in persona.
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