Thursday, January 19, 2012

Button to be the first one testing and to have the number 3

MONZA - Preparing the circuit... as every year, here's the winter version photo. Different year, different speeding circuit. Apparently. Beautiful sun in Milan, but Monza circuit now looks a bit different from the one where a few months ago we burnt ourselves in the sun...
This year will be special (again) 'cause it's Monza race 90th year (1922->2012).
Button will be the first one testing the new McLaren, he should also have the number 3 (ring F1 circus :), not 4 (Hamilton), 'cause he was second in the championship, and he said we need a clear number one to win.

Photo above: this is (Parabolica) where last year Mark Webber went off track, lol. We were laughing, he didn't even realise that he had his car VERY damaged for a whole lap (incident with Massa), that's why then he lost control. Amazing also how nobody told him. It was even shocking when we saw the broken car passing and he went off... there was me climbing on the net, shouting and indicating him to the people (also, nice metaphor eh). I should have told him too.

Today's Jenson's birthday. He will be the first driver to sample the new McLaren MP4-27 at next month's Jerez test. McLaren has confirmed that Jenson will take the wheel on February 7 for the first run of the car at the Spanish track.

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