Friday, February 24, 2012

Ecclestone: McLaren could sack Hamilton. Button: McLaren will help me to win title

LONDON - Bernie Ecclestone has warned Lewis Hamilton he could be turfed out by McLaren — if he does not improve on last season.
British ace Hamilton, the 2008 world champion, finished fifth last term and his contract is set to expire at the end of this season.
F1 supremo Ecclestone, 81, said: "If Lewis doesn't perform this year he'll be looking to move on.
"And the team, maybe, will also be looking to him to move on.
"I spoke to him the other day and I think he's a bit more focused. But I don't agree with the people he's got surrounding him and so-called managing him.
"He doesn't need that sort of management."
Hamilton is part of the XIX Entertainment stable and at the start of February they appointed Didier Coton — who once managed Mika Hakkinen — to guide the 27-year-old Brit.
When quizzed about who Ecclestone thought should be helping Hamilton, he said: "Someone with their feet on the ground.
"It's a people's job. They don't have to know about technical issues, someone who if you've a problem you can talk to the guy.
"His dad [Anthony Hamilton] was good, wasn't he? His dad was the right person."
Ecclestone has high hopes that the 2012 championship won't be so much of a one-horse race as last term. When Sebastian Vettel had tied up the title with four grands prix remaining.
"We always say this, but I hope the last race is going to be the one where the championship is won," he said.
"We don't want what happened last year, which was not too good.
"We perhaps need a change [of champion]. The only person that would say no to that would be Sebastian, but I think everybody else would agree with it.
"But it wasn't good. I am surprised we survived with as much TV as we got right at the end.
"I often wonder whether people watch because of the championship or watch because of the particular race.
"But now we've six world champions [competing in 2012], and I think there are probably going to be four very competitive teams, so we should have a very good year."

Jenson Button insists McLaren are on target to help him win his second Formula One title.
The Brit, 32, who won the championship in 2009 with Brawn, will get another crack in his new McLaren — which he is testing in Barcelona.
He said: "My first year at McLaren I initially thought would be very tough, moving to a new team, but it was a pretty good year really, a very good learning year.
"Last year I felt I did the best with the car I had and that I really grew with the team.
"So there are no excuses this year. I feel we have everything. The relationship I have with my engineers and mechanics is very good.
"I feel very confident and that it's all moving in the right direction."
"The relationship I have with my engineers and mechanics is very good, and there's a really good understanding there.
"There's nothing to fall back on and say 'This is the reason why we didn't win in 2012'.
"So I'm very happy now with my position within the team, and to win the world championship with McLaren would be amazing.
"To win anything would be amazing, but with a team you've been with for two years, have such a good relationship with and feel a big part of after such a short period, it would mean more than just arriving and driving the best car."
Button also feels he has the right support team outside of the car.
"My manager, physio, PA, PR man, you put them in place, but you don't purposefully have them around you to make you feel better.
"It just happens because you feel it's right. It's not something you actually go out to achieve.
"But I've been through quite a few managers in the past, and it has taken me a little while to find my feet, and the right people to surround myself with.
"For me, now, I have the best manager in F1, the best PR man, best PA and physio, so I'm lucky in one way, but I also experienced the bad as well as the good.
"So for me over the winter I've not refined anything in any way. I've not needed to."

Formula 1 2012 noses

WOKING ‎- 20 days to Playmobil world vs the beautiful ones ;). Different nose, still speeding. 
The "noses" a bit similar to McLaren's, are weak teams, so no problems from them. But probably the noses won't be so important to have a fast car.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Formula 1 test session @ Mugello

MUGELLO - This is an unique event: the only one test session during the Formula One season (you know, free tests are not allowed anymore... some years ago, McLaren used to go to my Minorca island).
With all the cars, in beautiful Toscana (Tuscany), near Firenze (Florence), Italy. From 1 to 3 May.
Spaghetti all'arrabbiata curve :)

how I entered the Formula 1 world

MILAN - This is a special year for England, also because of the Olympic Games 2012 in London (but not only in London), let's see if our McLaren boys-Oasis fans win the championship.
Ex Chelsea's - into Pretty Green (as Lewis Hamilton) Joe Cole was her ex boyfriend (before losing himself in provincial france), the one who should've joined "Milan fashion giants"... This is Oasis biggest fan... in every sense :). Keeley Hazell. I'm always honest: it's not me the biggest one :). She's obsessed with Oasis and Britpop. I remember there were even Facebook groups to establish who was the biggest one, they didn't even know. She was also a "pitbabe" as my sister, for Jenson Button (when was @ BAR Honda, British American Racing).
Pretty Green clothes for girls soon... meanwhile, the Pretty Green girl is still naked ;)
She's a very intelligent girl ;) (this one: no wishlist on Amazon, lol). In the video, the photo wearing an Union Jack dress as Liam Gallagher, is for Bacardi + pics with Manchester City shirt. 1:20: Noel Gallagher old shoes... still "to be honest" (as Noel says...), I still wear those ones sometimes. I prefer her sister, the one with smaller boobs :):). You might be tired of this song (In the bubble with a bullet, best one by Beady Eye), but we're not. Sounds a bit like a country song. Nice memories.

can you see "Jenson" written :)

we're flying high (birds)... There was one missing from the 80's compilations on Oasisblues :)
My first girl in the '90s was a big fan of Depeche Mode, the older Patsy Kensit "looking like a star in a Jaguar" (that is, not only an Oasis song, but also the ashes where Red Bull was born).
That's how I entered the Formula One world (but I was a fan since the early 80's), her "lover" was the Australian cook of the Jordan team... fail!
That's why Noel "used to" hate Australians, lol.
I wonder how an Australian can cook, that must be terrible. To quote a recent post: no salt at all, ahaha.
I'm joking, I like Australians. Noel has been hating them during his whole career.
Now seriously, (Irish) Jordan really failed. It must've been the cook's fault. But Eddie Jordan is always around for music things and bitches :)

Bluvertigo (band from near Milan: Monza, as the F1), "Fuori dal tempo" (=outta time)

friends of that girl, the ones of "life in Milan is selective, VERY selective". This is about: in Italy the military service used to be compulsory, and we had a series of tests, with also an absurd questionnaire made of thousands of questions, also asking: do you like flowers? ...far from that, there was also: would you like to be a florist? ... if there was a contradiction, = you're mad / gay, that is: you can't be a soldier (lol)
It also says: I like mad people :), "penso che praticamente sia bella la gente insana di mente".
Of course I was a soldier, despite being mad, lol. But because I wanted. Because it was a nice experience, and being a volunteer they also paid money. Of course almost everybody didn't want, and they pretended they were sick/mad/gay LOL. If you answered with contradictions, you had to visit the psychologist, everybody wanted because "he" was a sexy woman, lol.
Now you see why life in Milan is very selective ahaha
Liam wants to be a soldier :), it's also full of photos of Liam wearing military stuff, even by Pretty Green.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sir Stirling Moss: Button will beat Hamilton again

LONDON - "There are two things no man will admit he cannot do well: drive and make love." 
Stirling Moss 

(Photo with a "grid girl" @ Donington Park 2006, driving an Italian Maserati)

Jenson is better than Lewis because he's an old style driver. Lewis learned to drive with videogames. Fact. Even Ron Dennis said that. He's started with kart but was learning with computers too.
He's lucky he wasn't sacked, just because he was born in this team.
Today I talked to some other usual ridiculous Lewis fans, who think that he was poor, so according to them, black = poor. And even blamed me to racist... unbelievable.
And of course they said Moss is wrong, so maybe they know more about driving than Sir Stirling Moss.
So they started to be racist, also saying people from Italy have a small cock! oh those people...even the women? lol. In the real world, it's the opposite. They probably had their girlfriend fucked by a Latin lover.
The team always comes first. The drivers pass, the team remains. Blaming the team, as Lewis did, wasn't a brilliant idea... One as Lewis saying he's going to win all the races, is desperate. He wasn't even able to overtake one as Massa many times. Moss was already proven right, not only last year. Lewis won a title driving a McLaren, Jenson a Brawn.

At the age of 81, the English icon Sir Stirling Moss announced his retirement from competitive motor racing thus drawing a line under an illustrious career which has spanned 8 decades and seen him win 212 races. He was also the first Brit to win a Grand Prix on home soil.
Moss remains one of the country’s most loved and popular sporting personalities. Given his determination to thrive at everything he put his mind to, perhaps it is not surprising. “I believe that if I wanted to run a mile in four minutes I could do it,” Sir Stirling famously once remarked. “I would have to give up everything else in my life, but I could run a mile in four minutes. I believe that if a man wanted to walk on water and was prepared to give up everything else in life, he could do that.”
The 16-time F1 grand prix winner (out of 66 races, before a near-fatal accident in 1962 saw him give up life as a Formula One driver), now 82 and speaking at the Motorsports Hall of Fame awards ceremony predicted that Button would once again profit from Hamilton’s perceived lack of concentration, having become the first of Hamilton's McLaren team-mates to earn more points in a season than him last year.
“Lewis does funny things, so one can’t be sure,” he said. “But I would put my money on Jenson. Yes I would. Lewis is terrific, he really is exceptionally quick, but Jenson thinks about certain things better than Lewis will.
"Like when it’s raining and whether or not to go in for a change of tyres.”
Hamilton, 27, out-qualified Button 13 times to six in 2011, but Moss said raw speed was not the issue, rather Hamilton’s propensity to let outside distractions affect his performance.
“He goes off and sort of screws it up sometimes doesn’t he? That’s the problem. Jenson is much more dedicated. I don’t mean in any way other than it means more to him what he’s actually doing, the actual driving and so on.
“The one thing you need in racing is concentration. So I worked hard on keeping my concentration for three hours because they were three hours races then.
"That’s a hell of a long time, particularly when there are pretty girls you can wave at and blow kisses to.”
Meanwhile, Vitaly Petrov has replaced Jarno Trulli at Caterham with immediate effect.
No Italians drivers this year, no Italy but Vitaly :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

n.3 ring F1 circus & n.4 letter word

JEREZ - Made a new version of the video, updated with photos of the new McLaren 2012, for our Oasis fan drivers Button and Hamilton 
(songs by Beady Eye, live from Abbey Road studios, London) 
6:10 Silvia, 7:32 Gem

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Formula 1 2012 teams & drivers

JEREZ - Jenson Button in his new office, confirmed number 3 as we wanted. 
Here's the complete list for the season: 

some details and statistics 

1. Vettel (born 3-7-1987 Heppenheim, Germany), 81 GP, GP debut: Usa 2007 
2. Webber (27-8-76 Queanbeyan, Australia), 176 GP, Australia 2002 
3. Button (19-1-80 Frome, England, UK), 208 GP, Australia 2000 
4. Hamilton (7-1-85 Stevenage, England, UK), 90 GP, Australia 2007 
5. Alonso (29-7-81 Oviedo, Spain), 177 GP, Australia 2001
6. Massa (25-4-81 Sao Paulo, Brazil), 152 GP, Australia 2002
7. Schumacher (3-1-69 Hurt Hermuhleim, Germany), 288 GP, Belgium 1991
8. Rosberg (27-6-85 Wiesbaden, Germany), 108 GP, Bahrain 2006
9. Raikkonen (17-10-79 Espoo, Finland), 156 GP, Australia 2001
10. Grosjean (17-4-86 Geneve, Switzerland, french passport), 7 GP, Europe 2009
11. Di Resta (16-4-86 Uphall, Scotland, UK), 19 GP, Australia 2011
12. Hulkenberg (19-8-87 Emmerich, Germany), 19 GP, Bahrain 2010
14. Kobayashi (13-9-86 Osaka, Japan), 40 GP, Brazil 2009
15. Perez (26-1-90 Guadalajara, Mexico), 17 GP, Australia 2011
16. Ricciardo (1-7-89 Perth, Australia), 11 GP, Great Britain 2011
17. Vergne (25-4-90 Pontoise, France), 0 GP
18. Maldonado (9-3-85 Maracay, Venezuela), 19 GP, Australia 2011
19. Senna (15-4-83 Sao Paulo, Brazil), 26 GP, Bahrain 2010
20. Kovalainen (19-10-81 Suomussalmi, Finland), 90 GP, Australia 2007
21. Petrov (18-9-84 Vyborg, Russia), 38 GP, Bahrain 2010
22. De La Rosa (24-2-71 Barcelona, Spain), 86 GP, Australia 1999
23. Karthikeyan (14-1-77 Madras, India), 27 GP, Australia 2005
24. Glock (18-3-82 Lindenfels, Germany), 73 GP, Canada 2004

the difference between a fine race horse and a donkey

MARANELLO - When asked about the similarity between her looks and those of Gina Lollobrigida, the legendary Italian actress Sophia Loren replied "it is like the difference between a fine race horse and a donkey, but I'm not saying who is what".

photo above: owned! that's not very aerodynamic, is it! the new Ferrari and McLaren, it's like the difference between one made of Lego / Playmobil similar to a Force India and a fine race horse, but I'm not saying who is what ;)
epic fail. different gear, no more speeding. Massa: "needs to be stable". A bit too much.

About the "nose", sounds like we're different from all...

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

new McLaren 2012 presentation

WOKING - the beast. the best beast. I've seen there are already people from other teams moaning, sounds like the new McLaren's got some revolutionary stuff ;). Something new but it's a bit conservative... good.
silence and worship. 
at the launch, world champions Button and Hamilton show the new car.
drive it like you stole it.

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