Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sir Stirling Moss: Button will beat Hamilton again

LONDON - "There are two things no man will admit he cannot do well: drive and make love." 
Stirling Moss 

(Photo with a "grid girl" @ Donington Park 2006, driving an Italian Maserati)

Jenson is better than Lewis because he's an old style driver. Lewis learned to drive with videogames. Fact. Even Ron Dennis said that. He's started with kart but was learning with computers too.
He's lucky he wasn't sacked, just because he was born in this team.
Today I talked to some other usual ridiculous Lewis fans, who think that he was poor, so according to them, black = poor. And even blamed me to racist... unbelievable.
And of course they said Moss is wrong, so maybe they know more about driving than Sir Stirling Moss.
So they started to be racist, also saying people from Italy have a small cock! oh those people...even the women? lol. In the real world, it's the opposite. They probably had their girlfriend fucked by a Latin lover.
The team always comes first. The drivers pass, the team remains. Blaming the team, as Lewis did, wasn't a brilliant idea... One as Lewis saying he's going to win all the races, is desperate. He wasn't even able to overtake one as Massa many times. Moss was already proven right, not only last year. Lewis won a title driving a McLaren, Jenson a Brawn.

At the age of 81, the English icon Sir Stirling Moss announced his retirement from competitive motor racing thus drawing a line under an illustrious career which has spanned 8 decades and seen him win 212 races. He was also the first Brit to win a Grand Prix on home soil.
Moss remains one of the country’s most loved and popular sporting personalities. Given his determination to thrive at everything he put his mind to, perhaps it is not surprising. “I believe that if I wanted to run a mile in four minutes I could do it,” Sir Stirling famously once remarked. “I would have to give up everything else in my life, but I could run a mile in four minutes. I believe that if a man wanted to walk on water and was prepared to give up everything else in life, he could do that.”
The 16-time F1 grand prix winner (out of 66 races, before a near-fatal accident in 1962 saw him give up life as a Formula One driver), now 82 and speaking at the Motorsports Hall of Fame awards ceremony predicted that Button would once again profit from Hamilton’s perceived lack of concentration, having become the first of Hamilton's McLaren team-mates to earn more points in a season than him last year.
“Lewis does funny things, so one can’t be sure,” he said. “But I would put my money on Jenson. Yes I would. Lewis is terrific, he really is exceptionally quick, but Jenson thinks about certain things better than Lewis will.
"Like when it’s raining and whether or not to go in for a change of tyres.”
Hamilton, 27, out-qualified Button 13 times to six in 2011, but Moss said raw speed was not the issue, rather Hamilton’s propensity to let outside distractions affect his performance.
“He goes off and sort of screws it up sometimes doesn’t he? That’s the problem. Jenson is much more dedicated. I don’t mean in any way other than it means more to him what he’s actually doing, the actual driving and so on.
“The one thing you need in racing is concentration. So I worked hard on keeping my concentration for three hours because they were three hours races then.
"That’s a hell of a long time, particularly when there are pretty girls you can wave at and blow kisses to.”
Meanwhile, Vitaly Petrov has replaced Jarno Trulli at Caterham with immediate effect.
No Italians drivers this year, no Italy but Vitaly :)
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