Sunday, March 18, 2012

Australia GP 2012: Button dominating

MELBOURNE - Jenson! 
Button won the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne. 
Brief summary: great start with Jenson immediately leading, and Hamilton losing the first position. For about 40 laps, Jenson had about 10 and more seconds of advantage, he was extremely quick. Schumacher was 3rd but retired for a problem with the gears. 20 laps to the end: safety car. When the race started again, Jenson immediately won 3 seconds to Vettel 2nd. 
Hamilton lost a lot of seconds and at the end was almost battling with Webber 4th.
Fastest lap by Jenson.
Next race: Malaysia, in 5 days.

more photos soon
Vettel during the race, out again
with Silvia Hoffer Frangipane, McLaren Italian PR
Qantas girls, tram from Milan (they're also in California)
the singer for the Australian anthem
 there was Martin Brundle interviewing a gridgirl, lol
F1 rocks party... Pole Vaulter Melanie (right). 
...and Pole Vaulter (left) LOL
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