Sunday, March 25, 2012

Malaysia GP: storm on the way

SEPANG - You remember the mod style rules for Pretty Green: sunglasses need to be large, round and plastic.
I would never stop races... even if it snowed (then Massa would win ahaha). I wouldn't even use safety cars. It should be a surviving challenge. I know I'm an irresponsible :)
Jenson "Batman" was eating Italian pasta (penne al pomodoro) before the race started again (too much power... he then crashed against Karthikeyan). You remember last year pasta gave him super-powers for a great race when he had fever.
Congratulations to Ferrari, even if it seemed a randon win.
We completely lost the sense of time. There was also the time to change.
Jetlagged Honolulu, from "the place where nobody knows if it's night or day" (for the McLaren boys, Oasis fans), as the Malaysian flag: sun/moon

Malaysia + India

 the storm was coming... "so much storm is on the way, but it's so nice" (Oasis, "Thank you for the good times" by Andy Bell)
I told her: loved to hear your sighs and see you wet, LOL.
Martin is a very kind person (though a bit gay LOL - Noel Gallagher would say: 'cause he's interested in fashion ahahaha)

Jenson? I thought it was his girlfriend Jessica Michibata testing the car ;)
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