Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ayrton Senna tribute & Jenson Button

Senna through the storm, we can keep his legend alive. 
It's amazing how many people could stay there @ pitstop, quite dangerous... 
The banner "Ayrton thank you for staying simply the best" is from Monaco GP 1993 (won by him), we were there. Of course I added the Europe GP 1993 @ Donington. You can find his tshirts with original logo (best price around) clicking here and with Brazil colours here 
As in "High Fidelity", my favourite top5 drivers of all time: 
Senna, Button, Schumacher, Fangio (Argentinian of Italian origins), Stirling Moss or James Hunt, cool as fuck (Liam Gallagher would say: Steve McQueen) 
18 years without Senna, since Oasis began... (spring 1994)

another video, another F1 weekend, now in Bahrain. Let's hope nothing bad happens for anyone... McLaren boys will have extra SAS-style security (as soldiers), as Oasis had in 2009...
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