Sunday, April 01, 2012

competition: win Monza

MONZA - Here's a competition as in the past years, to win Monza from Thursday 6 September: meeting all the Formula 1 drivers, shooting photos, on 7 September going around the big park of the circuit, sunbathing :), etc. oh and watching the cars too, lol.
During that Formula One weekend there's also the "Formula 1 rocks Milan" with a concert (speedy Beady Eye would be perfect), probably also the usual F1 night @ Hollywood Milano where Liam Gallagher was (or Just Cavalli Hollywood where Liam was) and the McLaren shop to visit as usual. Too cool places for Noel Gallagher, in fact he's never been there.
I already have an Australian model (dedicated to Noel Gallagher hating them) and a Czech model coming ;), but it's ok to have 3rd girl ;) (plus probably my sister working again @ Monza).
Last year we asked near which famous "Oasis place" Lewis Hamilton was born (Stevenage - Knebworth).
Two years ago we asked which Oasis song was covered by the McLaren drivers (Wonderwall).

This time something about Jenson Button (he usually stays @ Beady Eye same hotel, with Jessica Michibata), dedicated to the girls (they're interested in these things :)

For a commercial with Jenson, they had to use another person because a part of his body looks feminine... Which is this part of the body?

a) feet
b) hands
c) nose

answer to
If you win, we'll give you all the info, also if you need to travel.
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