Friday, April 27, 2012

Jessica Michibata hairstyle

MILAN - Japanese supermodel Jessica Michibata, girlfriend of McLaren driver-Oasis fan Jenson Button (3 ring circus) shows off her new Oasis fringe hairstyle (this time not a wig), still fashionable. 
Oh and about Japan: Liam Gallagher's Beady Eye and Pretty Green did a lot for them, Noel nothing (and in 2010 even said he doesn't like to play for a charity but played it just for money...classic Noel). 
News: next week (then we're going to test Oasis Jaguars @ Monza), Pretty Green fan Lewis Hamilton will be @ Mugello circuit in beautiful Tuscany (near Firenze, Florence - and the Machine, lol), where the mods leader Sting (Quadrophenia Ace Face on Italian scooter) makes wine and food, as my father. It's the only one test session during the F1 year... it's not as time ago when McLaren was allowed to go to my Minorca island)

Last night there was a tv programme here speaking about my recent post on Oasisblues on "Paul McCartney dead". By a mechanic repairing cars near Milan (Corsico) there's Paul car (it's that car, certified), an Aston Martin, they had even found traces of blood on the car's hood, sign of an accident (in London), but not a mortal one.
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