Saturday, May 26, 2012

Monaco GP 2012, Friday in Monte-carlo

MONTE-CARLO - To make old this photos, no Instagram was used...
The famous "beautiful women" here got worse, compared to years ago, also those attending the weekend, on the yachts too, fat, old and ugly.
Friday is the the "day off" for the Formula1 here... cellulite festival: the "fashion" night show in Monaco (Amber Lounge GP afterparty) is the most overrated and poorest I've ever seen... (poorest not for the money of course, but in terms of quality). They even think those are models... Jesus, even little towns in Italy could have better ones. Even CAMPINGS have better fashion nights with cute simple girls from all the countries. And here they're in fucking "Montecarlò". As always, french fashion: second rate.
It reminds me of a french word: parvenu... (people who quickly became rich but still behave as when they were poor... they're not able to be rich... then: better to be poor, instead). 
Not to mention the "Princess"... looks like a man, I have a different idea for "beautiful woman".

their fashion sense is second rate like their perfumes... there's tarts and whores but I'm much more... they can't light a fire, cook or sew... the small fame that I've acquired has brought me into cult status...

And of course there was also the "walk-about", signing autographs session with the drivers.

Saturday: Schumacher in pole position, great job! (unfortunately unfair -5 positions for the accident with Bruno Senna in Spain)

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