Sunday, July 08, 2012

British GP @ Silverstone 2012

SILVERSTONE - Wow, I could never live there, lol.
And this is the summer (should be).
The rain ruined the whole weekend but never comes when it should (must be a Murphy's law).
Another disappoiting race for the McLaren boys. Hamilton stays 8th, Button from 16th to 10th.
After hitting Hamilton @ Valencia, Maldonado put Perez out of the race.
@ Monaco he said nobody drives like him (then was immediately out of the race at the start).
Perez: "Maldonado is a stupid driver".
Maldonado said he's looking forward to the next gp, didn't say a lot - says a lot. Penalty for him: €10,000.
Webber won the Gp.

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2012 

you make me feel like Formula 1 :) ...history + some photos at the end.
- 2 months to Monza (special 90th year)
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