Sunday, March 17, 2013

Australian GP 2013

MELBOURNE - Photos highlights. McLaren was slow (I even had to tell them: change Perez tyres, what are you waiting for? and it seems they listened to me), but at least during the weekend we had no real off tracks, accidents, pitstop mistakes and no technical problems, as some for Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes... money-seeker Hamilton was out two times: he saw the yellow gravel and thought it was gold so dived into it... He blamed it on McLaren sponsors.
There was also Del Piero, but especially: the Rolex girls :) (and Tag Heuer hostesses). I chose this song, Oasis' Cloudburst for the words and because Sky F1 chose Oasis' Fucking in the bushes :D
Race won by Raikkonen, Lotus.
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