Friday, March 15, 2013

Formula 1 2012 tops & flops

WORLD - Better to forget some GP :) 

the highlights, best and worst moments of the F1 season.


1) Alonso
definitely the best driver this year (on a car, Ferrari, that was never the fastest during the season), also the moral winner of the championship. Great races recovering positions, the best race the Europe GP in Valencia, from the 11th.
He retired in Spa and Suzuka, neither of which were his fault (Grosjean and Raikkonen) and those costed him the title.

2) Schumacher
pole position in Monaco, but a penalty (from the previous race) meant he started from the third row. It won't count in the record books, but for one minute and 14.301 glorious seconds, a 43-year-old man was the fastest driver in F1. And on the toughest, most demanding circuit on the calendar, Montecarlo.
It was a high point in a season of lows, but for one scintillating lap Schumacher showed us a flash of the brilliance that took him to 7 world championships.
He retired (until the next time).

3) the McLaren day (1 May) in Budapest, Hungary, with that beautiful woman... (see post).
the Eni models @ Hungaroring.
The Hungarian girls.

4) Maryna Linchuk and the swimming pool with the girls for the Red Bull party in Valencia (Europe GP). The only thing we like about Red Bull.

5) the Shell hostesses @ Spa-Francorchamps.

6) the American girls in Austin, Texas, wearing boots.

7) the East European girlfriend of Alonso. One for me please, thank you.

8) after the storm in Malaysia, me telling Natalie Pinkham: "loved to hear your sighs and see you wet". Lol.

9) Every year, this year even more, the 90the anniversary. Monza. It's Monza, baby. Me losing my pass and a driver taking me inside the paddock. All the people saying hello, 'cause they thought I'm a driver.

10) Raikkonen 
at Interlagos in Brazil, he slid off the track then tried to rejoin by heading up a service road, only to be confronted by a locked gate he thought would be open.
And the "Leave me alone. I know what I'm doing" told the team @ Abu Dhabi.

-) a mention for the world record as fastest pit stop by McLaren (2"31 in Germany), but our season was quite disappoiting, with poor pit stops and reliability of the car. It started great, with a double in Australia and then other podiums, so we thought we could even easily win the championships, an illusion.
Better the new cartoons Tooned.


1) Grosjean
the Frenchman suffered a destructive rush of blood to the head during the first lap of races as he tried to make up places by barging others out of the way. He surpassed himself at Spa, Belgium (biggest crash), where he clattered Hamilton’s McLaren, took out title leader Alonso and nearly took off the Spaniard’s head as his Lotus vaulted the Ferrari’s cockpit, a very bad accident. Grosjean was given a one race ban (Italy, Monza), but that didn’t calm his rivals’ nerves whenever he was in the immediate vicinity (and they also tried to stay away from him, see in Korea). It's the Spaniard who paid the biggest penalty, it cost him the championship.

2) Hamilton
After a terrible 2011, some good wins (as Button), but now it was time we don't like him anymore.
The $93 million. And freedom in enhancing his earnings through personal sponsorship. After weeks of rumours, the transfer from McLaren to Mercedes was announced.McLaren's sponsors-promotions are a too hard work eh...
Twitter gate.
The wonderful thing about Twitter is that it gives stars a chance to reveal more of their personality to fans in a direct way.
The terrible thing about Twitter is that it gives stars a chance to reveal more of their personality to fans in a direct way.
Lewis Hamilton has made a tool of himself on several occasions with several missives he probably shouldn't have pressed the 'tweet' button on.
First the 'confidential data' tweet at Spa, then the 'I can't believe Jenson unfollowed me' tweet, followed soon by the 'oh it's okay, he never did follow me' tweet (and not showing a great respect for Button), plus a couple of others over the year.
It's surprising McLaren sponsor Vodafone didn't come up with some way of leveraging this...
Oh, from 2014, Vodafone leaves McLaren.

3) Vettel
I don't want to say he's a bad driver 'cause he isn't, but there are two feelings about him. That he drives the best car (often sounding like an irregular car) and that sometimes he's not punished (for example when he changes his line (direction) more than one time, to keep the rivals behind).
He was punished at Hockenheim, Germany, when he overtook Button out of the track. And in Abu Dhabi, when he didn't have enough fuel (the same for Hamilton in Barcelona).

3) Maldonado
he said he can drive as no one else in Monaco... Result: out at the start.
He caused some accidents, in Valencia he hit Hamilton, who had to retire.
Similar to Grosjean. Not a compliment.

4) the fat models and women @ Monaco GP (see the post). The ugly ones in India.

5) Mazzoni che pensa che PSY del Gangnam Style sia il primo ministro sudcoreano. E una marea di altre boiate. Credevamo di liberarcene col 2013, ma ci piace troppo...

6) Kobayashi
they talk about his 3rd place in Japan, but we remember more the mechanicas he crashed into, at a pit stop (he had to pay). It looked like bowling. He was looking for money on the internet to race in 2013... He's not racing.

-) last year it was Kubica, now a mention for Marussia's test driver Maria de Villota, who lost an eye in a crash.

more to add soon
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