Sunday, March 24, 2013

Vettel is the biggest asshole ever seen

SEPANG - "Bella stronza" (nice asshole), this was the summary of the Malaysia Gp. Shameless bastard. And we already knew. Why didn't Webber punch him in the face? (then it came out that he showed him the middle finger). 

Not a case that "don't you know also the millionaires put a price to feelings" is on the money-seeker Hamilton still pitstopping @ McLaren, lol. 

Vettel then said he was wrong and says sorry... tsk tsk. A bit late eh... it's stupid 'cause it's not a random mistake, it was wanted. 

Then it came out that Red Bull, Mercedes and Lotus had irregular features in their wings, but they won't be disqualified, they just have to set them for the next Gp. No wonder...
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