Sunday, August 25, 2013

crowd booing Vettel

SPA FRANCORCHAMPS - What an ignorant comment from Vettel in the interview... speaking about Monza, according to him, Italians boo every driver if they don't drive for an Italian team...
and he was even confused about why the fans were booing again like at Silverstone when he was on the podium @ Spa GP, full of British fans... (it wasn't really for Greenpeace as some commentator said, to avoid controversies).
Usually we only boo ze Germanz assholez. He already showed more than one time, to be a miserable person, even towards his own team mate Webber.

Also notice how he's always looking at the other cars, as if there was something irregular (Red Bull, always) or to copy something.

Alonso (by far, the best driver in Formula 1) > Raikkonen > Hamilton > Rosberg > Vettel.
shame we can't see Raikkonen next year @ Red Bull, he would beat the shit out of Vettel (Raikkonen driving a Lotus sometimes can already beat him).
In the past, never liked Alonso but he's clearly the best driver. Loved it how Vettel and Hamilton snobbed him at the end, says a lot...
I wonder how fans of Vettel can exist... but I hope he wins the Italian GP (well, it's Red Bull winning), so he'll get loads of booing.

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