Thursday, August 29, 2013

McLaren Just Cavalli

MILANO - Presentation of the new MP4-12C car in Milan, 
also to celebrate McLaren's 50th birthday. 
Jenson Button possibly there again ;) 
he was @ Hugo Boss store opening in Milano, McLaren shop opening in Milan in 2011, Just Cavalli cafè in 2012.

Jenson spoke:
“I’ve always loved Monza. I really enjoy circuits that have a bit of history to them, and Monza has that in abundance – it’s one of the greatest tracks on the calendar.
The place is unique. It's a special kind of challenge, and I really enjoy that. When you have the car hooked up beneath you, you get into a special kind of rhythm around Monza: you’re going so fast that the whole lap just flows together. There’s nowhere quite like it.
So it’s really appropriate that McLaren will be celebrating its 50th anniversary over the Monza weekend. Both names are synonymous with motorsport history – you couldn’t imagine Formula 1 without them – so I’ll be hoping for a strong result to show the strength and depth that we have as a team.”
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