Monday, September 30, 2013

Ayrton Senna 1994-2014 anniversary

MILAN - Can't believe almost 20 years have passed. It seems like yesterday and that nothing changed... it seems. Still watching Formula 1 without anyone, better with no friends, as if F1 was a personal sacred rite for us, since we were kids in the '80s.
Today sure he would be a very important person, with a main role in F1 and not only. It's so sad it makes me cry, it's as if he was one of my family, for how I'm still shocked by this loss.
He died in Italy (Imola but San Marino Grand Prix, 1st May 1994), the year he left McLaren... he should have joined Ferrari instead, he was often linked to Italy (and also he could speak Italian very well of course). You know, that crash was Williams' fault, they messed with the steering wheel column.
My first year @ Monaco was in 1993, won by Ayrton of course, king of Montecarlo, 6 times (1987 +5 consecutive GPs, 1989-1993).
There's no need to do something special that day, as we remember him during the years too, and it's sad to remember the day of a death, but if in these months anyone wants to write a message about him, sure he would happy we think of him.
He's still one of the main reasons why we support McLaren.

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