Sunday, September 08, 2013

Monza 2013, SebASStian Vettel

MONZA - After the booing he received at Silverstone and Spa, Vettel realised there's something wrong and he's trying to be funny, but just looks like a ridiculous idiot. Pathetic man. Can't wait to see "the Italians boo EVERY driver", as he said... Of course they won't. With Vettel only. Anyway, nice briefs on his head... appropriate for an ass face. 

Vettel: "it's normal they boo me in Italy, I'm dressed in blue" 
ah of course, it's not him, it's the team's fault... Fans also noticed in Canada, Silverstone and Spa.
"As they’ve booed a lot, I think we can be happy today." ...they’ve booed a lot?? only a few seconds at the end.. at the start of the interview. He deserved to be booed MUCH more.
Chris Horner: "it's normal in Italy where every man is an Alonso fan"... no.
Now the "black" community of Hamilton fans are going to accuse Italians of being racist against white people.

attendance: the organization of Monza said it was full of people, but it wasn't really. It can't be "the crisis" as always, sounds like an excuse... 'cause it's years of crisis and usually there were a lot of fans. 
It's because of the tickets PRICES and because this year they excluded the people who were always doing Thursday (walkabout)+Friday (now it's necessary to buy a 3-days ticket, so many people didn't buy them)
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