Sunday, September 22, 2013

Singapore GP, fans still booing Vettel

SINGAPORE - English Sky commentator Ted Kravitz : Vettel is missing the point. They don't boo him because he doesn't drive a Ferrari, but because he always wins.
Yes but it's more for his arrogance and the stupid things he says.
And it's 5 GPs... with also Canada, Silverstone, Spa, Monza.
Ah but according to Vettel it's only "the Italians booing every driver not driving for an Italian team"... what an ignorant fuck.
Fans should like a winner, for example I liked Schumacher, he was really a great driver. Now it's about Vettel's behaviour.
Vettel: "I'm just driving a car, not saving lives"
...trying to sound humble and modest when he already proved he's not... with his attempts he just sounds pathetic.
Meanwhile, Red Bull clearly gives his team mate Webber 2nd rate material...

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