Friday, October 04, 2013

Vettel under fire from fellow F1 drivers

YEONGAM - News of the day: Vettel is an asshole... nothing new. It's easy to speak that way driving that car. Jenson and Rosberg (often beating him without driving a Red Bull) spoke against him.
Shame there are only a few fans in Korea, he would be booed as always.
The people don't even get up early to see the GP... never happened, not even @ Schumacher times, who did some stupid things (against Damon Hill and Villeneuve) but was clearly a great driver.
It's not only about always winning, thanks to a superior car by Newey, there's something Vettel ruined in the F1 "atmosphere" with the things he says. He even thinks to be funny.
Usually a GP was anyway exciting, no matter the final result. Now everytime we see him, we feel nausea.

Nico Rosberg has launched a withering rebuke of Sebastian Vettel, warning that the World Champion is in danger of losing the respect of his fellow drivers following his apparent criticism of Red Bull's rivals.
While Vettel has been robustly supported by the majority of the paddock in the wake of being heckled on the podium at Singapore, it appears that the German's comments in the aftermath of his dominant victory have also caused considerable irritation in some quarters.
"Whilst there's a lot of people hanging their b***s in the pool on Fridays, we're still working very hard and pushing very hard so that we have a strong race," said Vettel on the Singapore podium.
The German has subsequently downplayed his remark, insisting it wasn't meant as an attack on his team's rivals, but that hasn't spared Vettel from a dressing-down by both Nico Rosberg and Jenson Button.
"Sebastian brings the boos on himself. He talks about my b***s that I hang in the pool and then the boos come. My guys are working hard day and night. He couldn't know if his boys work harder. We give it full throttle. His comments are aloof and were almost his undoing qualifying," said an angry Rosberg.
"I almost stole pole from him and if I had I would have laughed. Sebastian should think less about my b***s and more about himself. With comments like that he is running the risk of losing the respect of his fellow drivers."
McLaren driver Button was equally unimpressed with Vettel's description, and the 2009 World Champion told the Daily Mail: "It is incorrect and wrong of him to say that.
"We are obviously not doing a good enough job to beat Red Bull and no one is at the moment but that doesn't mean we are not working hard. Every team is working as hard as Red Bull."
But despite the criticism, and the loss of top spot to Lewis Hamilton in practice in Korea after previously topping five successive Fridays, it seems Vettel has not lost his sense of mischief.
"Overall a pretty solid day, we had no issues with the car, and there is room for improvement - especially once we turn on the Traction Control," Vettel quipped to Sky Sports News.
Allegations surfaced in the wake of Vettel's dominant win in Singapore that they are running a form of traction control on their RB9.
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