Friday, January 24, 2014

new McLaren 2014 MP69 TurboDildo

WOKING - ahaha presentation, here's the new sponsor.

McLaren wipe away those 2013 tears, please don't be upset, tell me all your 2014 fears...
got the whole world championship in our hands, come on take a chance and start anew... 

So basically Williams have it soft, we have it hard aha... Looks like made of steel. Sure there will be a bit of confusion with Mercedes... there should be "away kits" as in football :) More photos soon.
Lotus seem to fight for attention really hard as first they ironized about McLaren, then tweeted a pic with their car reveal only a few minutes after the McLaren car launch... before a new car, they should pay the drivers of previous years... (Raikkonen). Now with Maldonado (worst Formula 1 driver) and Grosjean, it's possibly the team we hate the most, even more than Red Bull.
Tomorrow the new Ferrari 2014, called F14 T

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