Monday, April 07, 2014

Bahrain GP, Formula 1 still boring

SAKHIR - Another dominance, another boring year. 2014 Formula 1 is even worse than the past years and last year when Vettel dominated with Red Bull only in the second part of the season. And everybody's saying it's exciting? Mercedes even have a separate race from the others. Looks like an endurance race. They even said via radio to take the cars back home, that meant to stop fighting. Also, nobody named the safety car : there was some show thanks to that and Rosberg could reach Hamilton.
Don't know what sort of sport the new fans were used to... maybe playing chess. Clearly, people who didn't live in the 80's. Even Montezemolo went to Bahrain to talk with the others and Minardi said the (ma)Fia should do something, there's no show, that is F1.
This F1 is all wrong. It's years they're planning it, and only recently they realised the cars and noses are dangerous. Not a good thing if the most interesting thing of a race is a collision... between Maldonado and Gutierrez who? the car had a strange reaction, not even at high speed. In fact, he got a little penalty, and that's right.
The drivers are not even eating, because of the car weight. All wrong.
How fucking boring is it that "Hamilton and Rosberg showed to have a sporting behaviour, so the young people learn how to behave blah blah blah"... nah, the people don't want to be told what to do. They don't want to be nuns in a fucking church.
Mercedes said it was a fun race... oh go and tell it to McLaren. Sure it's fun when you're winning eh?
Mercedes is nothing in F1 history, only 16 wins. Today Formula One lost, and McLaren with it. And Ferrari with it. Together they're all the main F1 history.
Bernie let us be the new presidents of FOM, FOA, FOCA, FI(C)A, lol (the last one is a pussy). I'll take the FICA one. We promise chaos

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