Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Monaco GP 2014: diva Hamilton being fucked

MONTE CARLO - Grand Prix photos slideshow, some highlights. Song : Monte Carlo by Verve.
Lewis Hamilton has been named the World's most marketable athlete, replacing Neymar at the top of the list... oh we know well about that money-DRIVEN bitch... one really loving McLaren would've stayed, but he preferred the millions and less work with sponsors. He likes to win easily.
The diva arrived late on a boat... how gay. Guess who's another diva arriving late on a boat... Bernie, another huge bitch. The reason why Hamilton was late is because he was sleeping at his home in Monaco, so he wanted to show everyone he's got a house in Monaco... ooooh poor boy, he must be tired... too many millions, too easy wins. In the interview, he was even proud he overslept, to sound cool... how pathetic.
After the pole position, Rosberg yes sure he went off track deliberately...Senna-like... Nico is more Senna-like doing that, than Hamilton Senna-like in his whole career.
Will you have to sit down and sort it out?
Hamilton: “I don’t know if Senna and Prost sat down and talked it out."
and do you feel to be Senna or Prost? 'cause you're the chair.
There was something almost nobody knew... Hamilton used the overtaking button (more power) in Spain and wasn't allowed, that's why Nico behaved like that now. 
The Hamilton "becausehesblack" fankids are now calling Nico a NAZI ahahahaha poor F1...
How can Monaco now be a "drivers track" as many say, if the grid order of the cars was: Mercedes couple, Red Bull couple, Ferrari couple... and all the other copules more or less... tsk tsk, this Formula 1 is absurd.
Bernie in a mission to make this sport less predictable, has made it totally predictable.

Once again, Vettel was not at Monaco Amber Lounge party night... he's too uncool, he can only wear that horrible Red Bull t-shirt. Ze germanz, no sense of style.

Natalie Pinkham : "GLORIOUS food in Monaco..."
GLORIOUS??? is it even food???
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