Sunday, May 11, 2014

Spain GP.. F1 more boring than cycling

BARCELONA - Let's switch to cycling... *new world record*: even cycling for pensioners is less boring.
This Formula 1 is exciting like a porn film on the radio.
Anyone knows what time the race starts? ... it's the free practice now, innit?
This F1 must be clearly changed. It's not even a sport, Mercedes are going to win all the races and it's not because their athletes are making a better/bigger physical effort.
The people saying F1 2014 is exciting have disappeared already. As we had said, it's even worse than in 2013, it was boring in the second half only.
sack Boullier anyway.

"highlights" video : nothing. Song : goodnight

the fastest cars Vettel overtook yesterday in his (according to the media and bibitari disco fankids) "fantastic job" : the Force Indias.
Now the fankids are saying Magnussen is not as good as Hamilton was @ McLaren... ah! give him the cars Hamilton always had... Hamilton never had bad cars, he likes to win easily...
Now it's the time of the pathetic stories about the poor victim Hamilton's childhood coming out.
I bet soon it's coming out that he was poor (didn't he grow up with videogames @ McLaren?), abandoned, adopted, saved Africa with his millions from Mercedes, and was sodomized by Michael Jackson

doppiati al 40° giro... miglior risultato stagionale.
una media di circa 2 secondi e mezzo persi a giro.
di questo passo di solito le F1 diventano competitive dopo circa 6-7 anni.
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