Sunday, July 06, 2014

Silverstone, British crowd celebrates Rosberg retiring

SILVERSTONE - British Grand Prix. The British crowd celebrated Rosberg's technical problem...what a bunch of drunk assholes. They shouldn't be so happy, it's the same German car of your Black God Hamilton, IDIOTS (don't say anything against him, "because he's black"...)
As if we celebrated Magnussen retiring.
Aren't the British famous for their FAIR PLAY, sporting behaviour? like, burning Italian flags as in the Middle East with American flags? fair play my ass!
Godlike punishment for them : RAIN all year. And shite food. And losing all the games vs Italy.

congratulations to Lewis Hamilton for winning the home Great Britain GP, showing his superior driving skills thanks to Rosberg's car retiring.
His girlfriend has been substituted with Naomi Campbell.
pettinatura da proper coglione

Maldonado and Gutierrez : find a room.
(and have sex)

highlights video

do you really think there was, there is and there will be a battle for the world championship between Rosberg and Hamilton?
you must be naive... it's all about money, it's all already planned. Can't you see how fake are their behaviours...
illuminati Mercedes wouldn't throw away millions to make lose their most paid driver when the Red Bull dominance is over... you know who's that one...
Hamilton world champion, Rosberg leading in the first part of the season, to make F1 "exciting", or FIA would change the rules...
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