Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hamilton who?

SPA-FRANCORCHAMPS - Belgian Grand Prix.
ahaha it happened once again, in Belgium too... Hamilton in front of the crowd : "(unintelligible) ...guys, are you ok?!!" silence.
The interviewer : "Ladies & gentlemen... Lewis Hamilton!!"
And the crowd @ Spa is a lot of English fans...
Who are his 2,470,000 Facebook fans?? Obama fans? probably hip-hop fans, people who like the IDEA of being fan of Hamilton, as we said, people who have nothing to do with Formula 1.

The liar Hamilton told another lie, this time about (his version of) the contact with Rosberg, who never said he did it on purpose, it would've been a suicide.

"highlights", once again no pics of the race as a protest for this Formula 1 boring as fuck. Nothing really happened. And when you do a little thing, it's a huge scandal for them. Seems like F1 is now about tourism only. 
song by Australian Jet (for Ricciardo), from Sky F1

Red Bull's newbie Ricciardo >>> Vettel. 3 victories to 0.
and who's gonna get McLaren? Vettel.

About Maldonado, we often noticed he makes a little mistake and then fuck knows what happens, maybe he loses concentration, after a few seconds it seems like he has no control and makes another, bigger mistake. It's so clear he drives because he brings money to Lotus without money. This is not a driver.

DISPERATI... Mazzoni si è messo a fare pubblicità per Monza al WALKABOUT !!! Se avessimo ancora qualche residuo di voglia di andare, questa è stata la...mazzata definitiva.
Questa è la conferma (se ce ne fosse bisogno) che c'è decisamente qualcosa che non va...

Stella Bruno dopo le qualifiche : "te la sei vissuta questa battaglia eh?"
Rosberg : "cosa vuol dire?" (ahahaha) ..."eh ma io mica li vedo i tempi eh"
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