Sunday, March 29, 2015

Malaysia GP: Hamilton best in history=since November 2014...

SEPANG - Vettel won the race, Hamilton is funny like a post in your ass.
he's nervous 'cause he's losing aha driving a superior car... ok, so we agree with his fankids, he's definitely the best driver ever in history... (= since Nomveber 2014, when he could hardly stay ahead of MASSA driving an inferior car...). They say so because they know he isn't... they are learning his illuminati media strategies...
Ferrari overtaking Hamilton and he pits! loser!! scaredy cat!! noelgallagher!!

"2nd place can never be disappointing"
(Hamilton the new Senna, the real Senna would have NEVER said that, but the opposite... 2nd is the first of the losers, 2nd place is the MOST disappointing)

Now the jealous fans are reminding the Italian tifosi were booing Vettel before... typical short memory. They booed him in several other circuits and much more than in Italy, I remember in Monza it was just a very few seconds and not many people, because in Monza it's always a "party" anyway, whoever wins. Besides, Ferrari has fans everywhere and doesn't mean those booing were Italians, especially in other circuits.

highlights video
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