Sunday, April 12, 2015

China GP, fanboy Ecclestone delighted

SHANGHAI - Bernie and media darling Hamilton had a lot to talk about together all the weekend... clown with clown get on very well together... just like @ Monza 2014 when he whispered in his ear before the start, then he started bad, then Mercedes made him win...
After qualifying, Hamilton looked at all the other cars, he feels to be the judge...
"Sebastian, according to Ecclestone, you weren't a very good World Champion, you didn't represent the sport very well, at least, not as good as Hamilton [SERIOUSLY? ILLUMINATI BITCH BERNIE IS ON MARILYN MONROE'S SIDE?]. How hurtful are those comments and what's your opinion of them?"
"Well, I think he's free to say what he wants so it's fine. For me, I'm very happy with what I have achieved so far and looking forward to what might be coming and that's it."
Button: "Maybe it's because you're not on Twitter".
ahahahahahaha yeah Marilyn represented well the sport revealing the telemetry on Twitter, protesting for nothing against Jenson on Twitter, winning 2 (not 4) titles overtaking Glock and being 5th and struggling with Massa driving an inferior car (+Mercedes clearly helping him and - oh - the only other strong one, Red Bull, disqualified at the right moment).
The real question is : how hurtful was Vettel's win in Malaysia for Bernie?
Marilyn's illuminati boss friend Bernie must be delighted for this Chinese race...
the sport looked better... so boring that we even changed channel...

Alonso (and not Hamilton "the new Senna"), thinks like Senna.
"I didn't want to be 2nd again at Ferrari", 2nd place is wrong.
Hamilton : "2nd place is never disappointing".
For a winner it's very disappointing. Better to have a new challenge and build something from the legend @ McLaren.

“There’s no reason a woman can’t race against guys. I can’t run a marathon the same speed as Paula Radcliffe so I’m sure a woman with the right skill set could be as competitive as any guy in F1.”
no... there is a reason : parking.

the Chinese circuit is the only one without a proper site and page... communists banned them... very dangerous : naked cars.

"highlights" (anything interesting?) video

Mazzoni incazzato, "finalmente (la regia) si accorge che..." è una frase che a Mazzoni proprio non è concesso dire... Si affretta a precisare che la Rai non c'entra niente, invece loro perfetti...
GRAZIE A CAPELLI CHE HA DETTO LA McLAREN ADDIRITTURA IN Q3, GUFACCIO DELLA MALORA!!!!! Prende per il culo con Mazzoni, come i tipici "giornalai" italiani tifosi della Ferrari.
Si sono poi portati rogna da soli, con "Ferrari vicinissima" e "2a fila tutta Ferrari"... a 1 secondo (e anche 1 e mezzo)
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