Saturday, May 23, 2015

Hamilton Monaco king, new Senna

MONACO - After 9 years, first pole position in Montecarlo for the best driver in the history of the universe (He-Hamilton, the "fastest on a single lap", the "new Senna"), despite driving always fast cars only.
Also, the most overrated media darling.
Everybody's talking about the contract renewal with Mercedes but they didn't say how many millions (tax free) he gets... that's not very popular eh...

"Jenson is underrated by a lot of people, maybe because of his time with Lewis”
— Magnussen
as if Loser Shamilton is much better than Jenson eh... driving a Mercedes he couldn't even stay ahead of Massa... shut up Kevin, you were attending the nursery school at that time...go back to your toys.

The rules of this Formula 1 are SHITE.
When a driver (now Rosberg) goes out at the Saint Devote, Button had yellow flags on the other side of the circuit, so he couldn't complete the lap with Saint Devote that would be on the NEXT lap??
This is a F1 for scaredy cats.
As if it was done today : Q3.

Tronchetti Provera Che Vien Dal Mare negli ultimi mesi sa dire solo 1 cosa: che la Pirelli è ancora italiana. Vaaaaa bene, è cinese.
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