Sunday, June 21, 2015

Austria GP, rookie Hamilton

SPIELBERG - 1st average Rosberg and 2nd "the new Senna, the fastest Perfect Man in history, who never makes mistakes", so it MUST be Mercedes' fault.

The media make him win even when he doesn't... says so much... media darling...

Superman Hamilton's mistake with the box line was "not a driver error"... it was rookie mistake... not even Marussia's drivers do that.

Hamilton's fans when Hamilton is 1st : amazing sport, Formula 1 is super!!!!!!!!
Hamilton's fans when Hamilton is 2nd : most boring thing ever seen.
They are childish just like him always crying.

And at the end of qualifying, SHamilton said (pay attention) IT WAS THE TEAM saying (now it's not his fault not even for the things said) his spin was not a driver error... oh really... thank you Perfect Man but we already knew You can't make mistakes... save your breath.
Completely with NO BALLS, mirror of this new generation who takes no responsibility for anything (more than 3 million fans on Facebook, people not only F1 fans, but also in "music", and rap - that is a different thing -, and even "fashion", etc). HALF MEN... illuminati media darling... your life in an overrated virtual media thing.
Hamilton said the spin was his fault.
NO, it was NOT a driver error, as the team said.
He says it's his fault when it isn't. This is crazy, there's something weird about it, something illuminati... it's not your fault only when it clearly is.
The illuminati do this because they want to 4 H-IDE 4 their bigger faults...

Last year they asked the Diva if this circuit doesn't suit his driving style (aka : he's not able to drive)
useless question, it's always someone else's fault... he said it's a tyre issue.

Button said he enjoed the tough conditions and was 1st during practice... you see if one is a great driver in tough conditions... like Senna under the rain... like Senna in hard Monaco... like Hamilton sucks (9 years for a pole in Monaco, driving only fast cars)

About the Raikkonen-Alonso crash, Sky just had to do one thing : a replay of the accident from Fernando's car, instead of talking talking...

highlights video soon

secondo l'Autodromo, il pubblico a Monza a vedere Manu Chao era formato da famiglie... sì proprio la tipica famiglia tradizionale, è l'escursione tipica che si organizza in famiglia...
è la nuova educazione impartita alla nuova generazione : marijuana...clandestino! un inno all'italietta di oggi... neanche più alle erbe ma alla frutta. FAIL.
Questo era quello che anni fa diceva che andare in Italia è pericolosissimo percchè la polizia ti può perquisire per la droga....... adesso invece siamo in una botte di ferro!
Gran Premio d'Italia a Imola 2017
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