Sunday, June 07, 2015

Canada GP. Hamilton's fault : NEVER

MONTREAL - Canadian Grand Prix.
Hamilton Shamilton stay away from that helmet of Senna... you CAN'T sign it.
When he crossed the line, our computer automatically turned off by itself, I'm not joking. It refused to watch.
What an EXCITING race! tremendous effort from legend Hamilton, definitely "the better" ever, as they say, without a little doubt, overtaking all the greatest drivers in Formula 1 history driving faster cars, under the rain, even against groundhogs, and an ants invasion.

Alonso @ team radio : I don't want! I don't want!
but I what I really don't want in this F1 is the fans of this new generation, who don't support teams and always insult them, because they are fans of a driver "because he's beautiful", "because he's a rapper", "beacuse he's black"... it's become a sport for pussies.

Hamilton, the Perfect Man who NEVER makes mistakes... at least one at every GP.
It always must've been "the team's fault", "Rosberg's fault", always someboy else's fault... just like a diva.
F1 would be better without the "better man".
Also, guess who hit the wall... Hamilton the NEW SENNA, an expert with rain...

I don't know what else to think about Hamilton's fanboys, they seriously need a doctor, a very good one. I'm seriously worried about them, they need help. It seems like he's their mother.
Now they SERIOUSLY say it's Mercedes' fault also during free practice, I thought they were the anti-Hamilton fans joking about him.
One getting millions and millions (more than the double of his teammate) should be able to drive even a tricyle.
What about all the OTHER drivers?

SKY is SHITE, it's a SHamilton fanclub (they must be too ashamed of supporting the national team McLaren in bad times, too easy only in good times eh... so they chose one who pays NO TAX in their country...)
It took them 9 DAYS (when all the people are like : I don't care no more, I already know it was the team's fault.............) to publish the Loser-Merdeces conversation in Monaco... says a lot about the truth, that was a shock for them.

Bernie Ecclestone, the white President, the Hamilton's fanboy saying F1 "looks" (not really "is") better with him (aka the boss of the illuminati mafia, always wearing a WHITE=light shirt) is always @ Mercedes box... yeah you can directly sleep in their motorhome, they are the most likely ones to cheat...
A President of a sport continuously saying how is better one athlete compared to the others, so making a preference (it seems like Hamilton needs it eh?), says a lot about the seriousness of this "sport"...
BERNIE LIKE BLATTER, same Swiss UBS mafia banks.

There is a group of black fans @ Gilles Villeneuve circuit, called "Lewis nation", because they are "anti-racist" and we are "all the same" (luckily and less luckily, NOT), but they want to be different, who have a banner saying Hamilton is "stronger, faster, better"... in comparison with...? Maldonado? average Rosberg? (maybe me too am better than him). God? all of us? those who unluckily DON'T drive a Mercedes?
this is called suffering from inferiority complexes.

they revealed the drivers’ salaries and it's loads of LIES, LIES, LIES... oh poor Hamilton... the only sure thing is that he gets much more than Rosberg and of course it must be Hamilton winning, in Formula 1 it's the sponsors talking.

typical ignorant opinion : "Im re-watching the 2011 season and Lewis started becoming unhappy with Mclaren in 2011, I’m surprised he stayed for 2012. I think he finally realised that Mclaren only have these peaks of performance and the rest of the time they’re mediocre."
sure you are fanboying in F1 since 2012. Yeah McLaren are nobody, while it's never Loser Shamilton's fault, typical of those like you. Unhappy because Button was faster... Love to remember how Hamilton moaned about promotions, getting paid millions to travel the world, and the only idiot ever revealing the telemetry on Twitter, and moaning about everything, like children. And without McLaren, Hamilton wouldn't even have EXISTED.
POOR unhappy diva. He has these peaks of performance like winning a title finishing 5th overtaking ace Glock and legend Massa winning the GP, or driving a Mercedes struggling to stay ahead of Massa at Abu Dhabi in 2014 with the only possible contenders Red Bull disqualified, or 9 years for a pole in Monaco, and never making mistakes especially with rain, he's really the new Senna. the rest of the time he's mediocre.

"highlights" (really?) video soon
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