Friday, July 03, 2015

diva Hamilton not popular

GPDA survey result. OH, no Shamilton? not the best driver of all time? not the new Senna? not the most popular diva in cinema history? not the 3 MILLION Facebook fans star? not the driver who makes Formula 1 LOOK (not be) better? (according to the "impartial" President...)
being a poll that ONLY F1 fans have done (it was long thing to do), this shows how he's popular among bad music fans, rap fans, illuminati fans, bad religion fans, bad fashion fans, everything apart from F1.

advice for any competition / Fantasy F1 / betting money, etc. :
we now have Shamilton and always bet on Shamilton (always the same predictiiiion for every GP),
continue to bet on Shamilton, no matter if Rosberg wins some GP (they let him win sometimes to make F1 seem "real"), it's obvious they will make Shamilton win, as he gets more than the double of money Rosberg gets (and in this illuminati shitty fake "sport" it's the sponsors talking, it's IMPOSSIBLE that Rosberg wins at the end), and all those things against Rosberg are done on purpose to make him look bad on the media
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