Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hamilton blames diapers

BUDAPEST - Hungaroring, Hungary Grand Prix.
There was nothing left to blame. After the first disastrous lap, Shamilton already started blaming other people.
Grow the fuck up and take your responsibilities, instead of being the usual moaning diva. He even got a penalty like Maldonado. In fact, he's as good as Maldonado.
Fernando Alonso in a negative connotation : "(in 2007) I had already understood who is Lewis Hamilton..."
(an asshole). His blinded fans didn't understand yet (but they say they know him).
The illuminati ordered previous illuminati Red Bull with Ricciardo to hit Rosberg... no penalty...
Kvyat on the podium, Vettel and Ferrari win, McLaren amazing 5th place, tonight : party!

ooooohhhhh another excuse ready : Hamilton said he had a bad Gp because he didn't sleep well... the cats in heat's fault.
highlights video soon

Tour de France, Froome dope

Froome has a problem, Nibali (on McLaren bike) attacks (other) cyclists > Froome insults Nibali.
Nibali has a problem, other cyclists attack > Nibali insults nobody.
Difference! Froome loser! That's what you get by avoiding doping controls in Italy.
And on the illuminati media : oh great fairplay by Froome... fair play my ass!
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