Saturday, July 18, 2015

RIP Bianchi

NICE (in France, but this is not really nice) - one of his last photos alive @ Suzuka. It's terrible, also thinking that he would've joined a top team soon. 
P9 in a Marussia @ Monaco last year. He was of Milan origin.
Shamilton's comments on Jules are obviously about GOD and praying, the only one doing that. A fake in every occasion.

I had never seen a toast for a funeral... it's probably the illuminati imposing the drivers to be happy for a death...
FIA (blaming Bianchi for the crash) to retire his number 17.
F1 fans to retire Bernie Ecclestone.
Only the shitty illuminati half men would've blamed Bianchi, it's one their typical typical strategies : blaming the others (see illuminati Noel Gallagher), instead of taking responsibilities like real men
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