Sunday, August 23, 2015

Belgium GP, ridiculous F1

SPA-FRANCORCHAMPS - Most amazing moment : a FORCE INDIA fighting with Shamilton (at the Raidillon you need to be able), even Perez who was discarded even by McLaren....... Force India sometimes was even behind McLaren this year... just saying.
Spa is one of the most exciting circuits, and like almost always this F1 made the Belgian GP one of the most boring GPs ever seen.
This time, McLaren started the Belgium Grand Prix from Hungary (a penalty of 105 grid positions, a ridiculous sport).
This driver called Senna, always compared to Hamilton, if he had this Mercedes, he would've probably been at the next GP now.
What a competitive sport.
We already talked about the new official Formula 1 website that sucks. Also, the official F1 app charges 28.26 euros (!! 36 on phone) per year (the only useful thing is just to see the lap times in real time, and it doesn't even work).
If Rosberg's tyre failure in practice happened to Shamilton, his fanboys would've crucified Mercedes.
How can one be such an arse-licker to say your favourite team manager is the current President (Ecclestone) ...only Shamilton could do it...
We lost any residual appreciation towards McLaren's real enemies, Lotus, now that Shamilon's illuminati "fashit designer" Pharrell Williams appeared on their livery.
Before this race, the media call the current Shamilton's form a "FINE form" ahahaha yeah like at the last GP at the Hungaroring, I've never seen a driver, not even Maldonado, driving so bad.
And his fanboys say "yes he can" as if he was Obama and always make it a racist thing.
There's no other "sportsman" (provided he is one, 'cause he's a rapper / shite fashion designer) in a more ridiculous situation.
Of course, it's awarded by the media "sportsman of the year".

His fans (of course they don't even know him personally) say everybody loves him, but he argued with all his team mates and his fans say McLaren still loves him... in fact, some days ago McLaren published a thing with their "best drivers", even including Coulthard, and both Raikkonen and Alonso who didn't win a title with McLaren, and excluding Shamilton.

Also in the latest "group photo" of Tooned representing McLaren history, there's no Hamilton.
There's even PEREZ...

"highlights" (?) video soon
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